Greg Secker is a very famous name in the field of Forex Trading, entrepreneurship, international speaking and also in the world of Philanthropy. He is also the founder of the famous Knowledge of Action Group that he established immediately he had left the corporate world. He has been one of the youngest forex traders to have succeeded greatly in the world of business.

They include Learn Trade and has its branches in Johannesburg, London, Manila and also Sydney. SmartCharts also happens to have been one of the most famous companies in the trading technology and he has always committed his life towards great success. The other one is called Capital Index which happens to have been a very famous and reliable brokerage firm in the whole world. The last one does managing accounts and is called FX Capital.

Greg Secker is also the active founder of an organization that has been respected for its voluntary services in helping out the less fortunate in the society. The organization is called The Greg Secker Foundation which happens to have been one of the most famous non-governmental organizations across the whole world. He has always been on the frontline pursuing the change in the world and have always worked towards ensuring that he makes people live peacefully in the whole world. He has been able to help many people through supporting them, strategies, coaching, and also proper forex education. His mission is to positively impact the lives of so many people across the entire globe.

Greg Secker has a great education background and also possess great expertise in the world of technology. He has been on the frontline making sure that he becomes an expert in whatever he undertakes. He was lucky to have been employed at the famous Thomas Cook Financial Services whereby he got a chance to develop for them a trading platform for foreign currency. He is known for his awesomeness in the tech business. He later went to become the VP of the famous Mellon Financial Services that he was able to witness great traders execute their trades. He has been awesomely supporting the lives of his fellow human beings.

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