Those who don’t watch college basketball probably don’t know this, but there are more complicated types of betting when it comes to athletics than your typical win/lose wager. The most popular type of sports betting is called “spread betting.” This method of wagering takes into account not only which team wins, but also the difference in score. For example, if Rutgers were to play Purdue, a smart better would only bet on Purdue in the typical win/lose bet. However, in spread betting, there are far more options. For example, one might bet on the “spread” of 40 points in Purdue’s favor, in which case Purdue would have to win by 40 points in order for the better to win the bet. If another better were to bet on Rutgers, though, he would win the bet if Purdue did not win by 40 points or more.

The beauty of spread betting on college basketball odds is that it allows for tons of outcomes, rather than just betting on one team to win. It is especially useful when there is a blatant difference in talent between the two teams playing. In this instance, it prevents everyone from betting on the same outcome, and thus makes a bet possible. Without spread betting, wagering on games with an obvious talent discrepancy would be non-existent. This is, of course, due to the fact that no informed better would put money on the extremely disadvantaged team to win.

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