Alexei Beltukov is a prime example that hard work and perseverance will pay off. Mr. Beltyukov studied medicine in Russia and began working as an internal medicine doctor. Low wages paid to government doctors led Alexei Beltyukov to seek ways to make more money to provide for himself and his family.

According to Blogarama, Alexei Beltyukov applied to INSEAD College in France and was chosen to receive a full scholarship at INSEAD thanks to his dedication, commitment and focus on bettering his life and the lives of others. He graduated with a business administration degree at INSEAD College and later went on to obtain a graduate degree from the university as well, also in business.

Beltukov today remains an entrepreneur in residence at INSEAD. He also sponsors scholarships for Russian students who plan on attending INSEAD college.

Alexei Beltyukov’s business career took off after he completed his business studies at INSEAD. He learned about free markets, capitalism and how entrepreneurs are the real contributors to a free market economy. Alexei went on to create numerous firms that have been a success.

This includes helping to launch New Brunswick Railway Leasing which became the largest private, commercial rail leasing company in Russia. New Brunswick Railway Leasing now has over 10,000 railway cars that transport goods across, into and out of Russia.

Another highly successful venture of Alexei was a management company that was called A-Ventures Ltd. This firm took on the challenge of restructuring, selling and spinning of over eighteen different companies in the portfolio of wealthy investors.

The biggest company in the portfolio had sales in the hundreds of millions while, the smallest had sales in excess of a few hundred thousand a year. When Alexei took on the challenge at A-Ventures Ltd., most of the companies were almost bankrupt. He managed to turn around most of the firms and got a return of almost 78% on the original equity.

Recently, Beltukov has helped launch the educational platform called Solvy. He is the director of Solvy, which is an online educational program to help students learn math. It is currently free to use for students and teachers.

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