Jason Hope FuturistIf there’s one thing that can be said about Jason Hope, it’s that the proverbial hat that he wears is of many colors. A man with a definite vision for bringing in the future to the here and now, Mr. Hope stands out prominently in so many fields and endeavors, that it’s difficult to give him a label. Some have even quit trying to do just that. As an entrepreneur, futurist and philanthropist, there seems no limit as to Jason Hope’s achievements, nor are there any seeming limitations to where he’s going.

An Educational Background And Overview

Having been born and grown up in Tempe, Jason attended Arizona State University where he received his degree in finance. Afterwards, he continued at Arizona State where he received his Masters in Business Administration from the distinguished W.P. Carey School of Business.

As A Futurist, The Future Is Now

Jason Hope has many passions: technology, angel investing, education, anti-aging research and in general, giving back to the community. Combining technology, medical research and his many other diverse talents, Jason has joined forces with the distinguished research entity SENS (Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence Research Foundation).

The focus of research done at the SENS foundation is primarily in the field of anti-aging. However, stressing that participation in such a program is not simply an effort to live for the sake of longevity, Mr. Hope makes a point of writing that it’s also about living with a quality of life that makes life worth living to begin with.

While taking a different approach to fighting the aging process, the strategy is one that is disease-killing–before it strikes. Traditionally, conventional medical science looks at treating illnesses, like dementia and Alzheimer, after the illness begins with its symptoms. At SENS, the approach is preventative and preëmptive in nature. In other words, stop the disease before it even makes its insidious declaration and starts manifesting.

Another Facet Of Philanthropy

Besides contributing to and participating in various charitable giving and initiatives, Jason Hope demonstrated another dimension of giving back to community–both in Arizona and nationally as well. In his investing as an angel investor, his prime concern is not so much with a ROI on his investments, but in securing a viable platform for students at the high school and college level to be able to launch projects and start-up operations.

Coming in the way of grants ranging anywhere from $500-$5,000, students in high schools and colleges can easily submit online forms giving the details of their research or start-up plans. Deciding on an one-on-one individual basis, applicants can expect considerations not usually given at a lending institution.

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