Near San Francisco City Hall, there is a group of statues that are part of what is known as the Pioneer Monument. These statues are intended to depict scenes from the early period of California history. There will now be one statue removed from the display.

“Early Days” is the name of the statue that will be removed. This statue depicts a Catholic priest and a Spanish cowboy standing over top of a Native American man who is in a seated position.

Those in the Native American community viewed the statue as depicting them as being inferior, and members of the general public agreed. Calls went out for the city to remove the statue from the Pioneer Monument.

On Monday, the San Francisco Arts Commission voted in a unanimous decision to remove “Early Days” from Pioneer Monument”. The issue of removing the statue had been brought to the commission before, but those who called for the statue’s removal believe that the movement to remove Confederate statues helped to motivate the commissioners to act at this time.

Members of the Native American community in San Francisco, and across the country, hailed the statue’s removal. There is no word on where the statue will be removed to.

This is not the first action in San Francisco that has been aimed at promoting Native American culture. In January of 2018, the city replaced the Columbus Day holiday with Indigenous Peoples Day to recognize what happened to Native Americans when European settlers arrived in the area.

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