Residents of California’s southern city San Bernardino recently celebrated the 21st Annual San Manuel Pow Wow. This pow wow is dedicated to honoring the culture of local Native American tribes with song, dance, and artistry.


This year’s pow wow was held at the Cal State San Bernardino campus. While the organizers hope everyone will have a fun time at these events, they also hope that people from other cultures will learn about the rich history of the Native Americans that lived in southern California for many centuries.


The main Native American tribe that developed around San Bernardino Mountains was a part of the Serrano people and spoke a dialect of the Serrano language. Today, this particular tribe is officially recognized as the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians.


Many Native Americans from both the USA and Canada traveled to take part in this event. They told reporters that they never miss an opportunity to honor their shared ancestral heritage. Although focusing on the customs of local tribes, this pow wow tends to bring all Native Americans together in celebration.


San Manuel tribe members began the festivities by performing traditional bird songs. Members of other Native American tribes, like the Pala and Fort Mojave tribes, contributed to this festival by performing traditional dances.


In addition to the dances and songs, guests could also take a look at many traditional Native American arts and crafts. People who came to visit this festival were stunned by the sheer beauty and power of Native American art.




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