Rocketship Education is a one of a kind educational institution that was established in 2007. The education institution sets itself apart from other schools because of how they focus on developing the potential of their students. The school does not only concentrate on the students’ grades, but they also focus on discovering what their talents are and helping the children in enhancing and practicing their skills. Rocketship Education does not depend on the traditional ways of learning, but they have diversified their approach to help the children learn more. The school started as a tiny community institution in the state of California, but as years pass by, the experienced growth and more students began enrolling themselves to become a part of the Rocketship Education family. Currently, the school has 18 branches all throughout the United States. There are 12 schools in California, three schools in Tennessee, two schools in Washington D.C., and one school in Wisconsin.

The school believes that with the cooperation between the teachers, parents, students, and the community, the children studying at the schools owned by Rocketship Education would acquire more knowledge and can learn more things about their surroundings. The school wanted to change the world in the future, and they believe that they can start their plans of making the world a better place by molding school children into becoming law abiding citizens, responsible adults, and talented individuals.

The learning cycle inside a classroom under the supervision of Rocketship Education looks different from the traditional schools across the country. The children are allowed to be with their parents, and the parents are encouraged to help their children if they need something. The teachers are also using the latest technology to teach the children, including the use of applications that can help the children learn interactively. The teachers working at Rocketship Education are amazed at how the methods and the approach of the school differ from other educational institution, and it really shows results. The children studying at the schools under the Rocketship Education are more attentive and interested in their subjects, and they are also showing competence based on their test results.

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