InnovaCare Health has recently undergone a series of changes in its leadership in an effort to streamline the organization and prepare it for new expansion efforts. As far as these new changes are concerned, the company’s founder, Rick Shinto, has set out to select team members who have had extensive experience in the industry, so that they can seamlessly transition into their new roles within InnovaCare. In terms of specific team members, Rick Shinto has selected Johnathan Meyers, Penelope Kokkinides, and Mike Sortino to join InnovaCare Health.

In an effort to recruit a new Chief Actuary Officer for the company, Rick Shinto sought out someone who had past experience in working with both Medicare and Medicaid on, as those are two systems that InnovaCare Health deals with on a routine basis. In searching for a new executive, he discovered Johnathan Meyers, who had worked as the Director of Actuarial Services, Medicare and Medicaid for one of the biggest carriers in the state of New Jersey. With that kind of impressive resume, it should come as no surprise that Meyers was a welcomed addition to the InnovaCare Health team.

Although Penelope Kokkinides has several decades worth of experience in the healthcare industry on Facebook, it’s probably more likely that she was brought in due to her past experience with InnovaCare Health. Before moving on to other opportunities, Penelope Kokkinides actually worked at InnovaCare Health as its Chief Operating Officer. Now, she has returned to InnovaCare Health to serve as its Chief Administrative Officer. Prior to returning to InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides served as both the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Centerlight Healthcare. It’s clear that her exhaustive knowledge of the healthcare industry will have a substantial impact on InnovaCare Health’s efficiency at

Finally, the last addition that Rick Shinto made to InnovaCare Health’s leadership team was Mike Sortino. As the new Chief Accounting Officer, Mike Sortino will be responsible for bringing his decades worth of knowledge and experience in public accounting to the insurance provider. In fact, Mike Sortino worked previously with other carriers in the insurance industry, so he is well-versed in the specifics of such companies.

While InnovaCare Health is primarily known for its role in providing healthcare to those living in Puerto Rico, it’s clear from these new additions to the team that the company is looking to expand its coverage and improve its capabilities over the long term.

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