With accusations of racial slurs being uttered on Capital Hill and in related political circles, it causes one to wonder if this negative/positive ongoing banter is a generational American issue especially since no slurs are being heard coming from the mouths of Native Americans.

A recent CNN report by Emanuella Grinberg, highlights trends among Native American youth to shed a positive light not only on their generation but on their parents, grandparents, other family including older tribal members is whose footsteps they currently tread.

Back in the middle 1800s when explorers began to land at various shore points in the southern United States of America such as Jamestown, Virginia, they were met by Native Americans who had been living here for a long period of time. As one stops to digest this thought, unless you are of pure Native American ancestry you are a member of an immigrant family.

Among many highlights in the aforementioned article is a photograph of a 22-year-old Native American girl clad in a homemade dress worn during her appearance in the Miss Native America USA competition.

How many of us know even one member of the 600 federally sanctioned Native American tribes in existence today. In an effort to introduce their American brothers and sisters to the real Native American lifestyle, an Italian photographer and a Sioux compiled photos and related biographies for the purpose of closing the gap between modern day Native Americans and their counterparts who share the same portion of Planet Earth.

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