Following his three step plan, the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy will teach you and guide you every step of the way. Investing in real estate can be very financially rewarding when you have the help of an expert on your side. Don’t do it alone when you can turn to the Academy and gain the knowledge and support you’ll need to reach your goals. Let’s take a look at the man behind The Academy.

From Selling Computer Parts to Opening the prestigious Academy

Nick Vertucci was not always the successful business owner and real estate investor that he is today. In his earlier days, Nick was doing ok selling computer parts. He realized that even though things were going fairly smoothly, he was not really planning for the future, financially speaking for himself and his family. Then in the year 2000 the dot com crash happened, things changed and the money got tight. Nick Vertucci needed to find his next career.

When his friend told him about a three-day seminar that he thought he should attend, Nick agreed to attend. The seminar was about real estate investing, and with the knowledge Nick acquired things started to around for him! He learned everything he could about investing in real estate and he was on the road to achieving his financial goals.

More About the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy

Whether you are brand new to real estate investing, or you are already an investor who is looking to gain more knowledge and to make more money, this is where it can happen for you! Learning events are scheduled year around end in locations across the country. In just a few strategic steps, you will learn the techniques of successfully flipping a property by buying it at a low price and selling it at a high price for an impressive profit. The Academy courses will help you learn how to find the right properties at the right price. Then you can decide if you want to flip it, rehab it or hold on to it as an investment property for your own portfolio to rent out. Let Nick and his great staff help you achieve your financial goals!

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