Native Americans have a long and difficult history with the United States government. All too often, Native Americans have been pushed aside, abused, and put through terrible pain all for the advancement of some cause that mattered to the government of the United States. The President using a racially insensitive slur at an event meant to honor Native Americans is just the latest disgrace.

The LA Times reports that the President made reference to his offensive nickname for Senator Elizabeth Warren. He referred to her as “Pocahontas” in a continuing use of the name that is meant to demean the Native American ancestor of the Senator from Massachusetts. This time, he did so in front of a room of Native Americans who were being honored for their courage in helping the US military during World War II.

It was an event that should have been focused on the courage of those Native Americans who were code talkers during World War II. Instead, it got turned into just the latest circus of the President’s making when he made the conversation about Senator Warren’s heritage.

Numerous Native American advocacy groups have denounced what the President said as a result. The National Congress of American Indians and the Alliance of Colonial Era Tribes both came out with harsh critiques of what the President said at the event. They want to see their people respected in the way that they should be, particularly at an event meant to honor their contributions to the country.

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