Wolf; From 19 February to 20 March

Native American wolf zodiac personality characterized by its sensitivity and passion, perfectly both in the physical and spiritual sense,since it is the family that is the wolf’s essence and the reason for its existence.

Wolf understands the needs of others and is perfectly capable of creating what is necessary to balance the relationship at all levels, family, friendship or relationship. He is independent when he is alone and always hard when he decides to reach a goal.

They must surround their freedom, as a feeling of their affection, is really a double personality, kind and compassionate, when it is familiar and fatal to outsiders when alone.

The Wolf is intensely passionate, generous, and very affectionate, although every situation involving or endangering the family can makes it a real animal. Therefore, a mother is unmatched and partner is faithful.

Hawk: from March 21 to April 19

Falcon signs in the Native American Star Sign is a born leader, his ability to be impartial and fair, it is ideal for all high-level positions as it can solve the most difficult situations, nothing escapes him seeing what is ahead. The Falcon is a chief visionary.

This Native American animal sign is surrounded by a mystical aura of natural herbs and plants, so the Falcon sign is also a blessing because this character has continued to respect his colleagues who do not doubt their just actions like a faithful friend and give in earnest. It is Honest especially as part of a couple and needs only once to find a Forever love.

Falcon personality in their goals are very stubborn and always takes the initiative in a situation or project and sport without exception. Although this can cause the hawk to be a bit cocky and arrogant, as this is only a part of his personality.

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During the 19th Century Christian missionary workers were often in most frequent contact with the indigenous peoples of America. In the process of interacting with Native American tribes missionaries came into possession of significant collections of Indian cultural artifacts.

The items included objects such as wampum belts, peace pipes, headdresses, beaded ceremonial garments and much more. Many of these items ended up in museums, owned by educational institutions or private collectors. One of those is the Andover Newton Theological School of Newton, Mass.

But the school recently ran into trouble when it attempted to sell-off its collection of 158 Native American items for cash. Struggling financially, the small seminary was trying to do everything it could to bring in extra income.

The problem, however, is that federal law requires items of Native American historical value be returned to their tribe or origin — for free. The Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act states that sacred items, objects of cultural significance, funerary items and human remains must be returned to the tribe of origin.

When government officials warned the theological school that what they were attempting to do was illegal, school officials backed off and canceled plans to sell the collection for cold hard cash.

The fact that school authorities were ignorant of federal laws regarding Native artifacts has been criticized as “difficult to believe.” School officials contend they never intended to thwart federal law, nor show disrespect to Native Americans.

The return of Native artifacts has long been a hot button issue for tribes and a great source of frustration. Tens of thousands of Native American items remains in hundreds of museums, college campuses and other venues across the U.S. Getting the items “repatriated” to their original creators and owners is an ongoing challenge.

Native American culture has closely been associated with nature. Many dyes used to color cloths were made from plants. Metropolitan Museum of Art, most well-known museum in New York city. is displaying native American art. The art museum already has featured portraits Early American leaders, Tiffany chandeliers, chairs designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Paul Revert silver, and 19th century handmade quilts. In the fall of 2018, the Metropolitan Museum of Art would introduce a subsection for American historical art in their American Wing portion of the museum. According to museum curator Sylvia Young, many people who visit the American Wing expect to see Native American displays and in a little more than a year many museum visitors will be able to see the displays.

Native American art collectors Charles and Valerie Diker donated 91 works of Native American art to the museum. The Dikers, in addition to Native American drawings, also included ceramic and clay bowls, shields, tools, weapons, clothing, and bags that were created by Wasoe, Wasco, Arapaho,and Anishinaabe artists.

Charles and Valerie Diker have been avid Native American art collectors for more than 40 years. Last year, some of their Native American collection was seen in art exhibits in Toledo, Ohio. Native American art predates the works of Rembrandt and Michelangelo. Not even war and disease could take down the momentum these early Americans put into their art work.

Katherine Abu Hadel, who writes about Indian history wrote an article in 2013 claiming that Native American artifacts did not belong in a natural history museum with fossils and mummies. The artwork and cultural artifacts of the Native American deserves the same respect of Greek and Russian handiworks.

With the nation’s healthcare system in crisis, more people are looking to natural and traditional sources of healing. On that front, the Native American community has a lot to offer.

Over thousands of years Native Americans lived closely with nature and identified a tremendous variety of plants that treat all kinds of illnesses, from diabetes and arthritis, to stomach problems and headaches.

A new book by University of Mexico scholar Eliseo “Cheo” Torres takes a look at something called curanderismo. This is a collected body of knowledge that represents the traditional healing methods using herbs and plants. It’s a treasure trove of knowledge gleaned from the Native peoples of southwest America, Mexico and parts of Latin America.

To this day, the wisdom of curanderismo has remained popular with the poor people of Mexico and Latin America who do not have access to modern health care. But with more people in the U.S. unable to obtain affordable health insurance, the methods of curanderismo may not only offer relief, but real, significant cures of disease.

Professor Torres’ book, titled “Curanderismo: The Art of Traditional Medicine Without Borders,” provides an extensive survey of medicinal plants used to help digestive systems and how healers use laughter therapy to counter traumatic experiences. It also espouses a holistic approach and puts emphasis on a healthy lifestyle to prevent illness from happening in the first place.

An Oakland, California, based psychologist says he has observed many young people turning to curanderismo to deal with addition and physical pain. Ricardo Carrillo, who is both a psychologist and natural healer, said curanderismo provides spiritual tools to help people stay clean of addictive substances and gain strength from a Higher Power.

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Equities First Holdings is one of the most distinct companies in the world of finance out there. The companies undergone various name changes and made a fortune helping countless people obtain loans. Their success over the last 15 years isn’t simply a fluke. It is the result of a tireless commitment to giving the world something you can’t find anywhere else. Equities First began the so called securities based loan. Essentially, a securities loan is a loan in which some sort of financial investment is used as collateral. This enables borrowers to obtain incredibly large loans because it establishes a level of trust previously unseen in finance and read full article.


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The statistics generally show that Equities First has made something almost unbelievable. They have provided billions worth of securities backed loans and they have given customers across the world their services. They now have offices in Hong Kong and other parts of the planet in order to help them further advance this innovation. The best piece of evidence for the success of Equities First Holdings i s the way that other companies have followed their business plan. There are now securities loan services being provided across the world thanks to Equities First. Their influence is only increasing.

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You may have not heard the name Andrew Rocklage but chances are you’ve heard of, or even visited a Sky Zone Trampoline Park. These parks are located nationwide. Many are set to open internationally as well. Andrew Rocklage is the owner of these fun and active parks.

Andrew has always been an excellent attorney and businessman with many accomplishments to his name. Upon graduation from Suffolk University Law School and the Isenberg School of Management he has striven for success and excellence in all he does.

One of his most successful accomplishments is as owner of the Sky Zone Trampoline Park.

Not satisfied to merely provide a place to jump on a trampoline,Andrew has pushed the envelope to include innovative activities and competitions. In fact Andrew’s parks were the first to offer ultimate dodge-ball and trampoline dunking. The fun doesn’t stop there. Climb various walls like free climb and warped wall among others. Or you can participate in ultimate volleyball, skyhoops and skyjoust to name a few. The trampolines that are wall to wall adds an extra dimension to any activity as your soar, fly and bounce your way with your friends. You can even challenge them with the warrior challenge. There is also a special trampoline area for toddlers and their parents to enjoy play together.

Why is Rocklage’s Sky Zone Trampoline Park location so popular? It’s because Andrew Rocklage as a deep understanding of customer service. It’s not enough for him to just provide a place to jump. No he wants you to play! Adults frequently lose the ability to play or at least they think they do. Rocklage proves to them with well thought out activities notched up to fantastic with trampolines that we are all still kids inside that like to jump, play and compete.

Not only that he recognizes the importance of hiring the right kind of people instead of just bodies to fill available jobs. Each employee is screened to make sure they are a great fit and will provide the above par customer service customers have come to rely on at Sky Zone. Customers that frequent the Sky Zone Trampoline Park that Rocklage owns, always come away impressed with the stellar helpful and friendly employees.

Andrew stays busy with other pursuits as well. EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals count on him for his work as corporate counsel. With his legal background Rocklage has the experience and knowledge to transform his legal knowledge into successful business strategies.

Making his home in Boston Rocklage loves to travel and is always on the look out for the next unique out of the box business idea.

If you don’t have kids, you may not have heard of the chain of indoor trampoline parks called Sky Zone. If you have heard of it or even visited one, however, you probably know how popular it has become. The typical Sky Zone features wall-to-wall trampolines where people can jump, flip, hop around and have fun. The company has a franchise model, so individual locations are owned by individual people. The Sky Zone in Tampa Bay, Florida, is owned by a Boston native named Andrew Rocklage. The question, however, is how did a man with an education in law and sports management get into this line of work–and why?


Why is it surprising that Andrew Rocklage owns a Sky Zone franchise? The Bostonian didn’t plan to become an entrepreneur when he graduated from high school. He was accepted to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, where he attended the Isenberg School of Management. He earned a bachelor’s degree in sports management and economics in 2009. However, he wasn’t finished with higher education just yet. He was accepted to Suffolk University Law School, and he graduated with a Juris Doctor degree in 2013. At long last, he was satisfied that he had the educational credentials that he needed.


As far as work experience goes, nothing in Andrew’s past seemed to be setting the stage for eventually being a business owner. He interned at Major League Lacrosse, working in their public relations department. He gained a lot from the experience, but that line of work wasn’t for him. In the field of law, he worked as a law clerk and then a legal consultant before assuming a position as corporate counsel for a company called EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals. Unfortunately, he found the work to be far too stifling. As independent and innovative as he was, he needed something of his own.


Andrew Rocklage started toying with the idea of owning his own business. However, he didn’t have a clue about what kind of business to start. He thought about buying an existing business, but he couldn’t find any viable opportunities. Fortunately, he became aware of opportunities to purchase franchises of the popular Sky Zone trampoline park chain and decided to look into them. He was dismayed to learn that nothing was available in the Boston area. Then he realized that he didn’t have to stay in Boston or even in New England.


Now that he was fine with relocating to pursue his dream, Andrew Rocklage started looking in earnest for opportunities to purchase his very own Sky Zone. Luckily, he had been smart with his earnings, so he had the means to invest in such a business. He was made aware of an opportunity to open a brand-new Sky Zone in beautiful Tampa Bay, Florida, and he decided that he had nothing to lose. Although he would miss many things about Boston, including friends and family, he would not miss the harsh, freezing winters. In Florida, he’d enjoy warmth and sunshine all year long.


Andrew purchased and opened the Sky Zone in Tampa Bay and relocated to the city of Jupiter, Florida. From the very start, he knew that he had made the right decision. He loved that Sky Zone wasn’t just about fun; it was also about staying fit and being active. While the chain primarily caters to kids and teens, it also attracts active, health-conscious adults who are looking for unique ways to stay in shape. Like many locations, Andrew’s Sky Zone boasts a variety of attractions, including areas that are specifically designed for getting great cardio exercise.


The Sky Zone in Tampa Bay is a marvel to behold. Of course, the main attraction there is the freestyle jumping area, which is made up of vast, wall-to-wall trampolines. Participants can bounce, hop and fly around to their hearts’ content while high-energy music plays from the state-of-the-art sound system. Over in the SkySlam area, players can engage in impromptu games of basketball while trying to hop and jump around on trampolines. The facility also has an Ultimate Dodgeball area where players can engage in the popular playground sport while jumping around. Finally, Rocklage’s Sky Zone has a FoamZone that is filled with large, soft pieces of foam.


Andrew Rocklage is proud to be the owner of a location of the world’s first indoor trampoline park. Every day, he looks forward to going to work and to watching his business grow. He has proven to be a very effective owner and manager, as the location has soared in popularity in no time. Rocklage has made a point of strictly hiring enthusiastic, friendly team members, and he trains them extensively to ensure that they deliver exceptional customer service. Although he misses Boston and his friends and relatives there, he goes back often to visit–and he has no trouble convincing people to come visit him in sunny Florida!


DeVos, 59, was born and raised in Holland, in western Michigan. She had been an active member of the Republican Party for 20 years, but not a public official. She also has experience in the field of education, although she has been defending the school voucher program and the privatization of schools for decades. DeVos was with the Republican National Committee in Michigan 1992-1997. She also headed the Republican Party in Michigan from 1996 to 2000 and again from 2003 to 2005. It is obvious to see why she was appointed for her current position.The Father of Elizabeth DeVos, Edgar Prince, was an industrial millionaire who founded Prince Corporation, a company dedicated to the production of car parts. After the death of Prince, the company had been bought for 1.35 billion dollars in 1996.One of Betty Devos’s corporations is Neurocore, a biofeedback treatment corporation that helps people, including children, who are diagnosed, including autism, depression and anxiety. DeVos and her husband are the main investors of the company and they give their all in helping the people that it sponsors.

DeVos’s husband, Dick DeVos Jr. is the son of Dick DeVos Sr., co-founder of a multi-million dollar company, Amway Dollar and owner of Orlando Magic. The DeVos family is one of the richest political families not only in Michigan but in the world.We have significant political family tax returns from DeVos (which after 1970, according to sources, in 2014 it is stated that they gave $ 200 million for the political causes of conservatives). “During the 2014 and 2016 electoral cycles, DeVos and her relatives gave at least $ 818,000, to at least 20 current Republican senators.In 2009, Betsy DeVos founded ArtPrize. This is an international competition that aims to reward the best talents in the art industry. In addition, it was named after her for her huge contribution to the Performing Arts Center, where she was appointed by President Bush and served for 6 years. According to many sources, the historical contributions of Betsy Devos is 22.5 million dollars. Her generosity to each of these funds, is what is at the center of why a center would be renamed DeVos Institute of Arts Management. She is not one to give meager contributions to any cause.

Betsy DeVos – Policy & Involvement, as the new Secretary of Education, Devos is the leader of the national movement to carry out school reforms. She is a Conservative Republican who holds true to the meaning of what it is to be a conservative American. Also Betsy is deeply rooted in the Christian Reformed community in western Michigan. According to the politico DeVos and her husband Richard at a meeting of Christian philanthropists in 2001 talked about the importance of incorporating the culture of the kingdom of Christ not only in small areas, but also in the area of education. Christian Post noted that DeVos had already served as a senior at Mars Hill Church, where Rob Bell was a pastor. If Betsy DeVos has a main goal, it is simply to switch around the American education system in a way that is most conductive for all classes of American citizens.

Visit her Facebook profile : https://www.facebook.com/betsy.p.devos/