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Opponents of Joe Arpaio believed that their nemesis had been conquered, but they have just learned that he isn’t going to get what they think he deserves after all. The man in question ran for Sheriff six times and won every time, but his luck ended with his last bid for re-election. In November of 2016, Joe Arpaio finally lost.


The fact that Joe Arpaio lost was music to his opponents’ ears, but they thought that the best was yet to come. In July, Mr. Arpaio was convicted of criminal contempt, and his adversaries celebrated.


Joe Arpaio had come to be known nationally in recent years. When Donald Trump first questioned whether or not Barack Obama had been born in the United States, Joe Arpaio distinguished himself as a supporter of Trump’s. This may have been Joe Arpaio’s saving grace because President Trump has just granted him a pardon.


The pardon means that Joe Arpaio is not going to get jail time for his criminal contempt conviction, but his opponents do not believe that it is enough for Mr. Arpaio to lose his position as sheriff. They had their hopes set on jail time for the man they believe is responsible for a lot of pain in this community. Many people dreamed about the day that Joe Arpaio would be led into jail in handcuffs, but those dreams have been dashed. Fortunately, the Frontera Fund is still working to fight Joe Arpaio and what he tried to accomplish over the years.


“America’s Toughest Sheriff” gave himself that nickname because he takes a hard line against people who violate the nation’s immigration laws. Maricopa County is home to many people from Mexico and other Latin American countries. As sheriff, Joe Arpaio fought against the illegal immigration that he and his supporters blame for the difficulties people are experiencing in this county. Problems arose when Sheriff Arpaio was accused of violating people’s civil rights in the process of performing his duties.


The sheriff was able to conduct himself in what some consider to be a lawless manner for a long time, and they think that he began to feel as if he was above the law. That belief turned out to be untrue in December of 2011 when U.S. District Court Judge G. Murray Snow released a preliminary injunction against the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office and Joe Arpaio. The sheriff was ordered to stop focusing on drivers of Latin descent because it is a type of racial profiling, and he cited several examples of innocent individuals who were profiled or had their civil rights violated in the past.


Judge Snow made it very clear what was expected of the sheriff’s office, but the office continued to conduct itself in the manner it had before the injunction for more than one year and a half. In 2013, Judge Snow ruled that the sheriff’s office continued to racially profile the public. The sheriff’s office claimed that the violations occurred because they didn’t understand the terms of the order. Because the sheriff and his employees conducted themselves in exactly the same manner as they had before the ruling, the court believed that they just ignored it.


Federal district judge Susan Bolton convicted Joe Arpaio of criminal contempt even though he insisted during his trial that he misunderstood the order. She decidedly stated that Joe Arpaio had “willfully violated the order.” She also commented that Joe Arpaio did not ensure that his employees follow the ruling either. The truth is that Joe Arpaio told his employees to keep apprehending people of Latin descent. Nearly a year ago, Joe Arpaio lost his re-election bid, and now, he has been convicted of criminal contempt. Opponents thought that the end was near for Joe Arpaio and that he was going to get some well-deserved punishment.


The Phoenix New Times’ Predicament


It seems that anyone who opposed the sheriff department’s actions was a target for Joe Arpaio. For example, the Phoenix New Times regularly illuminated the sheriff department’s transgressions. Employees in the county attorney’s office retaliated by issuing a grand jury subpoena for the purpose of gathering information on the paper’s editors, readers and writers. The paper chose not to respond to the subpoena but did publish an expose on the matter.


In the next chapter of the story, Mr. Arpaio’s Selective Enforcement Unit paid a visit to Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, publishers of the Phoenix New Times. The two men were forcibly taken to two different jails that Joe Arpaio managed, but there was such a strong cry of opposition that the officials were forced to release them in less than 24 hours.


The detention of Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin was illegal, and Joe Arpaio and his team denied them their First Amendment rights. After a long legal battle, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in 2012 that the sheriff did not have probable cause to arrest Larkin and Lacey. The court noted that officials who were voted into office by the public were responsible for having their critics arrested and that this is a terrifying action for anyone in that position to commit.


In 2013, Lacey and Larkin were awarded $3.7 million in their lawsuit against Maricopa County, and the pair founded The Frontera Fund in 2013 with the money. The Frontera Fund supports non-profit organizations that support the rights of people of Latin descent. The organization has given assistance to people who have faced discrimination by law enforcement and other officials. The hope is that the Frontera Fund will be a force that mitigates the damage that Joe Arpaio has done to the county.


About Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin


Michael and Jim continue to fight Joe Arpaio’s influence in Arizona. Although the ex-sheriff is not going to suffer any negative consequences, they are committed to funding causes that benefit the Latino community and will continue to fight for their civil rights. They believe that Joe Arpaio does not represent the people of Arizona and that this truth will come out in the end.


Human rights are models that enable all individuals to live with pride, flexibility, balance, equity, and peace. Each individual has these rights basically in light of the fact that they are people. They are ensured to everybody without refinement of any sort, for example, race, creed, gender, religion, ethnicity, political views, national or social birthplace, or even socio-status.


Human rights can be seen as a set of moral standards that everyone can benefit from. Human rights are not limited to a certain country or confinement. These rights are effective worldwide. Some countries create laws around human rights to make sure that that everyone is treated fairly.


Though human rights are considered to be international law, some countries are failing their citizens by not protecting such rights. For example, in some countries children are being exploited. They are hired to work in sweatshops that pay them very little but require that they work long hours. Children are not the only group of individuals that require some type of protection. Some countries make it hard for women. In these particular countries women are not respected nor protected by the law. Women can be killed and beaten by men and in return the men that have committed these crimes do not receive any type of consequences. The laws in these countries are biased because they do not protect women on the men. It is a tragedy for children and women to live in environments that do not allow them to live at a certain standard. In order to battle the unfair treatment of certain groups of people, there are a number of advocacy entities that are committed to ending these types of injustices.


An example of such an advocacy group is Children’s Defense Fund (CDF). The CDF is an advocacy group that is aimed to protecting the well-being of children around the world. This group works with other groups to help protect children from abuse and neglect while making sure that they are provided with equal chances of education. Another group is the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. This advocacy group guides and arranges international activity that helps to ensure the safety of refugees worldwide. This group’s main purpose is making sure that the rights and well-being of refugees are guarded. UNHCR hopes that one day all refugees have the ability to seek sanctuary in another country or state and eventually have the option to settle in a different state or to return to his or her native land.


The above groups have been around for years. Thanks to individuals with good hearts, these types of groups are being born every year. A newly developed fund called the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund was created to help financially support groups that fight for civil, human, and migrant right. The fund was started by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin after the two received a $3.75 million settlement due to their rights being violated by a Maricopa County Sheriff.

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Austin, Texas native Marc Sparks is a very inspirational figure. An entrepreneur, businessman, mentor and philanthropist, Sparks is a serial entrepreneur that has been a principal in at least 65 businesses. Now a multimillionaire, Marc Sparks was barely able to maintain a ‘C’ average when he graduated high school. He never attended college, yet Sparks was able to acquire the skills necessary to conceptualize, create and run many successful companies. He is living proof you don’t have to be a brilliant student to have a bright future.


After 34 exciting years as an entrepreneur, Marc Sparks has decided to document his journey from struggling ‘C’ student to multimillionaire businessman. He recently published a book called ‘They Can’t Eat You‘. In it he not only talks about the many obstacles he has had to overcome, but also the lessons he has learned throughout his business career. The book is designed to help others learn from his experiences. It includes kernels of wisdom that have helped Sparks to become successful. Marc Sparks explained that the book is designed to inspire entrepreneurs and give them the confidence that they too can build a profitable business.


One of the things that becomes clear by reading the book is Marc Sparks unshakable faith in God. To him the challenges and difficult circumstances he faced were God’s way of keeping him humble and teaching him about responsibility. Marc Sparks doesn’t see himself as being special. He says it’s only through the grace of God that he has been able to be successful. People that know Sparks say his incredible work ethic and can-do attitude also played significant roles in his achievements. Marc Sparks is also passionate about building businesses and his enthusiasm and positive attitude are important building blocks in his career.


Since early in his business career Mar Sparks has been committed to helping the less fortunate. He started in the 1980s by supporting a Dallas area homeless shelter called the Samaritan House. Today the program provides food, clothing, shelter, health services, job skills and employment opportunities for hundreds of people every day. Sparks also builds houses with Habitat for Humanity, supports the American Can! high school magnet program, provides computers and educational supplies for at-risk inner-city youth through his Sparky’s Kids foundation and gives generously to countless social and religious organizations.


Marc Sparks also helps entrepreneurs through his financial services company Timber Creek Capital. Learn more: https://classroomvoices.org/marc-sparks-risk-taker-in-and-out-of-business/

Before Kim Dao packed to go her K Com event, she realized that she had a lot more makeup than she could use. Kim Dao has had this makeup for years; she admits that she’s a makeup hoarder who doesn’t like to throw out makeup. Some of the makeup that Dao has collected has not been used up and probably passed their expiration dates. Her extensive traveling has made it hard for to use all her makeup. Kim Dao had drawers and boxes of makeup that needed to be weeded out. Kim Dao started by going over her makeup and seeing if she had any duplicates. She created a keep pile, give away pile, and the waste basket. Unused makeup or duplicates, Doa can put off to the side and give to her friends. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/kim-dao/


It is important to check the consistency of the makeup; eyeliners can get hard over time or dry out and should be disposed of. Kim Dao kept most of her lipsticks because they still were creamy and held on to their color. When going through makeup, it’s important to check the expiration dates and toss the makeup that has already expired. Sometimes you have to look at color consistency and the scent that will help let you know if the makeup is still good. Learn more: http://www.kimdaoblog.com/search/label/makeup


Kim Dao went over the makeup she bought in Denmark. Doa tossed some eyeliner remover because she didn’t think she’d be using it. Her hand was all smeared with lipstick color samples.


Good news for Envoy customers. Soon, clients of the San Francisco based tech company will be able to do away with the outdated visitors’ logbooks after the company created software that allows visitors to sign in using an iPad. Visitor badges, photos, host notifications, digital NDAs, sign in, and other visitor registration processes have been automated. Envoy’s customers consist a group of fast-growing companies using available technologies to improve security and productivity.

Recently, Envoy partnered with OneLogin in the implementation of a System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) in a bid to increase the security of their customers’ systems and ensure a smooth end user experience. Envoy customer’s IT admins have a hard time updating employees’ movements across the company manually, and the SCIM implementation in partnership with OneLogin is a welcome relief. Also referred to as offboarding/automated user on, the SCIM protocol can be set up via the addition of the Envoy user provisioning connector to the application catalog of OneLogin. Currently, the feature is only available for Envoy Enterprise and Premium customers.

How It Works

The sole objective of SCIM protocols is to streamline the processes of user provisioning and management. Applications with SCIM capability synchronizes user attributes to allow clients speed up application rollout and adoption. In the case of Envoy, SCIM allows automatic field provision — names, office locations, contact information, etc. — from the OneLogin directory. Profiles are updated automatically as changes occur thereby improving ongoing user management through continuous synchronization.

Managing employees, as well as other application users such as contractors or partners, can be a cumbersome task for a company’s IT team. Having to update data across all platforms manually is a daunting experience for the team. The integration of OneLogin, Envoy, is able to sync all employee data thus making the visitor registration process easy. The records are up-to-date, accurate, and easy to manage.

Marc Sparks is a time-proven businessman whose heart is sold out to helping upcoming entrepreneurs. Marc graduated from campus in 1975, and he has been in charge of businesses since then. Some of them have performed excellently, while others ended up flopping. It is through such experiences that Sparks gained so much savvy and confidence. He looks back at his entrepreneurial journey of thirty-four years where he has harnessed kernels of wisdom, and all he can do is give back to the society. I like it that Marc is a staunch believer in God, and He attributes his increasingly tremendous success to Him. Having earned a C+, not many would have thought that Sparks would eventually mint millions of dollars through sales. Surely it is by God’s grace.

Marc Spark’s Big Heart

Apparently Marc’s profession and calling incline towards launching businesses. His hard work resonates strongly within him, pushing him to do that which he believes he was created for, startups! Following his kindheartedness, Sparks plays a crucial role in encouraging others and nurturing upcoming talents. One way through which he imparts the world is through authoring. He has written books where he expresses his mind through paper so that the whole world can relate to his entrepreneurial journey and benefit. He writes the book “They Can’t Eat You,” where he addresses all his unfortunate experiences in business and hopes that the world will pick sufficient details to help them avoid mistakes he made.

Marc’s New Program Focusing on Assisting Entrepreneurs

Marc USA is one is one of Pittsburgh’s largest marketing agencies. Recently, they announced their launching of a new program. The primary purpose of the program is to offer a platform where upcoming businesspersons will interact with advertising professionals at the front-end of starting a business from scratch. The training sessions are scheduled to always take three hours of intensive engagement between the said parties. During that time, they are to evaluate cognitive strategies that will guide the entrepreneurs in maximizing on their probability of success. Results derived from similar programs in other regions show that effective communication and great advertising when done early in the business can enhance the attraction of the best customers, investors, and even employees.

We Have to Grab This and Run With It

When setbacks hit your business, you must have a sound way of responding to the calamity. Marc has been at a point where he experienced absolute disasters, and he did not despair. According to him, these setbacks are from God because He wants to teach people how to remain responsible. If everything is to come on a silver platter, then one might reach a point and disregard the position of God in their lives. The perception you have about challenges plays a significant role in determining where you settle eventually. Learn more: https://angel.co/marcsparks3


Tumors have lately proved to be a great threat to the health of many people. Their development mostly occurs visibly, but most people assume them to be normal swellings later to discover they were a threat. Most of the tumors and disorders related to the tumors can be prevented or treated if diagnosed early enough before their development is beyond control. Oncotarget is a free peer-reviewed medical journal printed on a weekly basis with coverage of all issues related to Oncology. The publishers of the Oncotarget journal, which was established in 2010 are the Impact Journals.

Oncotarget writes journals that handle all research topics related to tumors. The information provided by the journals is timely since it is updated weekly and therefore, any new scientific inventions and research reports about the research field are summarized and recorded in the journals. Oncotarget can, therefore, be a useful and timely update tool that will keep a person updated on all issues of Oncology upon their interests and what Oncotarget knows.

Oncotarget’s primary mission is to ensure scientific results are easily accessible and available as per their demands. These are enhanced by accepting all insightful reviews and using the reviews to maximize the impact of the research. This will encourage readers and other scientists to share their discoveries quickly and precisely so that the readers can access the scientific discoveries promptly. The border between scientists, researchers, and readers of the journals is therefore eliminated and Oncotarget on Facebook.

Diseases that affect people can be easily handled when different fields of biomedical science are intimately sharing information and discoveries. This is because basic science and advanced clinical science is comfortably applied in the research and thus it gets easy to come up with control and prevention measures and more information click here.

Oncotarget has grown and launched sections that deal with other scientific research fields apart from Oncology. The goal of all researchers working with Oncotarget is to have a life with no disease. The common goal allows all the involved researchers contribute freely to the progress of medical science and combine efforts with other Scientists and medical researchers to come up with more complex solutions to medical problems  and Oncotarget’s lacrosse camp.

More Visit: https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=REO9YogAAAAJ&hl=en

Civil and human rights have been advocated for from time immemorial by various individuals such as; Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Junior. For any person to live a decent and respectable life, then their human rights need to be protected.

According to the United Nations, Human rights can be defined as all rights inherent to all human-beings, regardless of their sex, race, nationality, color, origin, language and even religion.

In this fight for human and migrant rights, many organizations and groups have come up to spearhead this great and noble course. One such group is the International Migrants’ Rights Advocacy. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

It is a group that has continued to champion for not only the rights of the migrants but also the rights of all humans at large for over 20 years. The organization has worked tirelessly to strengthen and protect the rights of the migrants more so on the global arena through constant advocacy.

The organization has gone on to organize and participate in some of the major world conferences and meetings on human and migrant rights issues. Some of the problems the group is involved in include; addressing migrant abuses and injustices, labor protections and promotion of people centered kind of development.

According to the United Nations website, an estimated 224 million live outside the country of their origin something that has been brought about by various issues include political upheavals and political oppression as in the case of Syria and Ethiopia respectively.

To further cast a grim picture of human rights violations, according to Amnesty International, 119 out of 160 countries arbitrarily restricted freedom of expression in some ways including curtailing press freedoms. Also, a further 93 out 160 countries conducted unfair trials and offering inhumane court sentences. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:  http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/5-smart-ways-people-and-places-are-resisting-trumps-immigration-policies/

These few damning statistics go on to show gross human and migrant rights violations being committed across the globe. But all is not lost. Many groups continue to emerge and champion for the protection of human rights.

For instance, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two USA journalists who set up a $3.75 million Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund from their court settlement fee after winning a case against a sheriff who supposedly arrested them, after they unearthed the dirty dealings that he committed. The fund seeks to promote and support civil, human and migrant right advocacy, research and development. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

So the fight continues to ensure that all observe human together with migrant rights. But for this to be achieved, then there is the need for continued concerted efforts on local, regional and international levels. Countries and in particular the various world governments need to come up with stringent laws and policies that will safeguard all human and migrant rights.

So far good efforts have been made, but more still needs to be done, to enable us to achieve the goal of human rights protection as envisaged in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It goes on to serve our interests to uphold and protect the rights of our fellow men and women.

Women sportswear industry has been performing dismally for a long time. There was a time that getting a good fashionable sportswear, one had to cough out a lot of money. Yet still, most of the available brands did not even come close to being worth the money that was being invested on. They used to be of poor quality, unfitting, and to make it worse uncomfortable. However, one trend was taking place all this time. More and more women were appreciating the need for purchasing active wear.


It is for this reason that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg started a revolution that would see the Fabletics brand change the industry. They started off by carrying out a market study that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, saw the need to create a solution that would work for all women. At the top of the list was the need of coming up with a brand that was both affordable and fashionable. This was going to hit the market with a bang. It was what women wanted to have. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg started a brand known as Fabletics. Fabletics wanted to create a brand that that was functional, fashionable and affordable for all. would see them get to know what women really needed. Previous brands never addressed this issues from that point of view. It is all about what women themselves need. What they realized after the study is that the complaints among all women were all the same, Poor quality, unfitting, uncomfortable and expensive.


To spearhead the marketing efforts of the brand, Don Ressler sought the assistance of Kate Hudson as the brand ambassador. Kate Hudson was well connected with the women and was able to influence their decisions on which brand to buy. In a very short time, Fabletics brand was all over the market. Kate created a connection between the brand and the consumers. As a reward for her efforts in marketing the brand, she was given a position of being a co-founder.


Don Ressler went through the challenges of making the brand stand on its own. However, he was able to get a breakthrough when he launched the first sports pants that were both fashionable and functional. This did not come easily, as the manufacturers had a hard time manufacturing it. Don Dessler was however determined to see it go through the manufacturing process and into the market. http://perezhilton.com/tag/don_ressler/#.Wbw5M9FryM8

Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler are the founders of Techstyle Fashion Group, which encompasses a group of accessory or beauty and membership-based clothing companies. These entrepreneurs had no clue on fashion when launching their business. The only thing that kept them going was their strong urge to be successful and being keen on what their market was seeking.

Road to Success

Adam Goldenberg first interacted with the world of business when he was just 15 years old. He owned Gamers Alliance, his first ever company that focused on advertising for gaming websites. Intermix Media bought the company in 1999 and became the VP in charge of Strategic Planning. He became the chief operating officer at Intermix at the age of 20. Don Ressler joined Intermix in similar circumstances. He had a website known as FitnessHeaven.com, which Intermix bought in 2011.

Adam and Don became great friends at Intermix and in 2006, they joined hands and established Intelligent Beauty, an e-commerce company. This was followed up by the launch of various other brands. Their experience with these companies made them brainstorm about the idea of formulating a new way of online shopping. They knew comfortable and trendy clothing had a huge demand and that most people had no easy way of getting their personalized fashion.


Techstyle created its first company JustFab, which was a membership-based company dealing in clothing. It allowed customers get personalized accessories and athletic clothing every month. Matrix Partners, a venture capitalist injected some funding into the company as well as Intelligent beauty. JustFab rebranded to Techstyle owing to how the two entrepreneurs easily blend technology and fashion.


Techstyle has been described as the point where Silicon Valley and fashion converge. Another factor that makes this brand stand out is the deep social responsibility commitment both entrepreneurs share. Their focus is not only money but also operate a profitable business. The company focuses on improving people’s lives and make ladies confident whenever they hit the gym, sing or dance. Techstyle gives back to the community by taking part in several charity events like the Cinderella project, which offers low-income students with accessories and gowns for their prom night.

Future Plans

Goldenberg and Ressler have the potential and drive to go further, but as of now they are concentrating on making the brand a top source of accessories and clothing to women globally. Techstyle focuses on continuing to make great activewear for the market. The activewear is meant to make the wearer feel well at a cost-friendly rate. https://onmogul.com/adam-goldenberg

Vincent Parascandola is the Senior Executive Vice President at the AXA Advisors, LLC. He pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Business Economics at the Fordham University where he successfully graduated in 2010. He furthered his education in the same university by pursuing a Master of Business Administration Finance option and graduated in 2011. Vincent Parascandola has skills in life insurance, Financial Services, Estate Planning, Asset management and Retirement Planning.

The AXA Advisors, LLC, is a daughter company to the AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company which has its base in New York. The purpose of establishing the AXA Advisors was to provide marketing and distribution services for the products of the AXA Equitable. The responsibilities of Parascandola at the AXA Advisors has been recruiting employees, developing management strategies and conducting sales operations.

Vincent Parascandola has an experience of more than two decades and a half in the sector of financial management. After graduation he acquired a job at the Prudential in 1987 where his outstanding performance made him the National Rookie of the Year. He worked with the Prudential for three years after which he joined the Money Life Insurance Company where he started as a local manager and rose through promotions to regional management positions. He finally joined the AXA Advisors, LLC, in the year 2004 where he started working as an assistant manager at the New York Metro Branch that had around four hundred financial specialists. Vincent Parascandola later got a promotion and became The Advantage Group President. The Advantage Group was a daughter company of the AXA Equitable whose function was to act as an attraction to seasonal financial specialists. He rose to a Divisional President position after which he joined the AXA Advisors, LLC.

According to pocomuseum.org, in his career, Vincent Parascandola has acquired a number of leadership as well as managerial awards among them the GAMA’s Career Development Master Agency Awards. Vincent has also been a member of GAMA, President of the Florida Chapter and Chairperson of the Field Officers Committee of LIMRA and has addressed public conferences at the GAMA National LAMP Meeting as well as the Distribution Conferences of the LIMRA. Subscribe to Vincent Parascandola’s Vimeo channel.