Once a product gets consumed or used, the lapper or packaging becomes of no use. However such would be optimally utilized if they are recycled back into a totally new thing altogether. OCC has for a long time offered recycling services at their institution, but in upgrading and expansion, they have just launched a mega center which will house a bigger facility and with increased productivity.


In celebration, OCC organized a special function to mark the opening of the five acres piece of land on Adams Avenue. The excited staff cut a ribbon that mark premier of operations in the facility. Products they will be taking in for recycling include, plastic, beverage bottles, glass containers, aluminum tins, metal scraps, batteries and any other kind of unwanted materials. Additionally, electronic gadgets such as projectors, printers, computers, television sets among others will also be recycled. The compensation for those who bring in the unwanted materials is a calculated redemption value payment.


This will not only benefit the resident of California but it also Colorado and Arizona which is also within their operational scope. The facility’s operation is in full acknowledgment of environmental impact and has gone at lengths to combat. The program is entirely driven by two key facts, environmental conservation and money factor. OCC has seen the environs being tidy up since there are less waste and pollution of resources. Measure M is believed to be OCC’s recycling plant funders.


About Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College is a multi-faceted learning institution aimed at producing full-fledged individuals enlightened in all spheres of life. Students grow intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Their extracurricular activities range from sports to drama. The institution is packed with needed facilities to facilitate the same.


This institution was established in 1947 within the Orange County precisely in California. Dr. Dennis Harkins is the principal leader at Orange Coast College. OCC is among top schools in the locality that have embraced ethnic diversity. Their students include ethnic Caucasian, Asians, Hispanic and black. This allows for cultural exchanges. OCC offers accreditation of certificate all the way to a degree under various faculties. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/orange-coast-college#/entity


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