There are four good reasons for any manufacturing organization interested in staying competitive in this current market to utilize cloud-based identity and access management. Those four reasons have to do with the access to the supply chain, any sensitive or at-risk data, raising productivity while lowering costs, and simplifying overly complex system access. These are major concerns and finding a company that specializes in dealing with them would behoove any organization looking to increase their bottom line.

Depending on how vast an organization’s operations are the complexity of their supply chain will vary, but regardless of how varied that chain may be there will always be an advantage to be gained by utilizing cloud-based technology. Different vendors make use of different systems and with nothing in place to synchronize these interactions employees may be forced into manually transferring data which wastes both time and money.

Every organization has sensitive data which would be disastrous if it fell into the wrong hands. The world is full of hackers who are always looking to exploit vulnerabilities in systems for personal and financial gain. If an organization is going to take advantage of the benefits of cloud-based identity and access management then they need to make sure their information will remain secure on the server.

Raising productivity is important as it ultimately affects the bottom line. Manufacturers are under a heavy burden not only on the production end but also on the IT end as well. High attrition and technical issues can lead to loss of productivity as IT personnel struggle with out-of-date software. Streamlining this process will both raise productivity and lower the cost of doing business.

Manufacturing organizations have a large number of employees and vendors accessing their data system from a multitude of locations. The result can be an overly complex system in which app roll out becomes very difficult and disparate directories make locating products or users in other parts of the system a time consuming difficulty.

In solving these four important issues facing manufactures in the 21st century there is one company which specializes in all of them and offers their services at a variety of cost effective price points. That company is OneLogin.

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