Access management is a major topic in today’s world of business. With so many programs on the World Wide Web that businesses rely on to succeed in the marketplace, businesses face just as many problems stemming directly from them.

Legacy access solutions aren’t always the best idea for enterprises, or businesses whose physical locations are spread across the map. Here are the three central benefits of trusting a company like OneLogin for getting help with its web-access management network.

Productivity Could Take A Dip Without Help

OneLogin’s data warehouses and online infrastructure are consistently maintained by professional computer technicians. Enterprises can maintain their own means of storing data and infrastructure to transmit data throughout its on business.

However, to keep up with other businesses, it’s necessary to update such infrastructure at some point. This can lead to productivity losses, something that could prove detrimental to enterprises.

Applications are also important for success as an enterprise. Whenever they’re being developed and modified, they typically can’t be used. OneLogin makes sure its business customers always have access to their digital networks.

Security Should Never Be Overlooked

Many legacy SSO software networks are highly complex. As such, making even the smallest changes to them proves highly difficult. OneLogin doesn’t have these types of problems, resulting in consistent layers of security to protect their own and their clients’ livelihoods.

Further, these systems are typically inflexible, resulting in high potential for major security problems.

Keeping Legacy Systems Up Is Highly Difficult

Paying for hardware in the first place can be overwhelming, let alone paying for ongoing maintenance costs. Subscriptions to helpful programs are expensive, as well, as is paying computer experts to maintain information technology interfaces.

Customer support lines aren’t cheap to maintain, either. When businesses trust OneLogin, these costs are eliminated, as OneLogin absorbs them to best serve its customers.

OneLogin was created in San Francisco in 2009 by a pair of brothers. They first helped build Zendesk, until moving on to OneLogin and serving thousands of enterprises across the world, helping maintain their security and levels of access convenience.

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