Native Americans kicked off a four-day protest against the Dakota Access Oil Pipeline on March 7, 2017. They will camp out in front of the National Mall for the next four days. They are also planning on lobbying lawmakers in order to protect the rights of their tribe. Dave Archambault is the chairman of the Standing Rock Sioxx Tribe. He stated that it is imperative that we stand against injustice.


On Friday, March 10, 2017, the Army Corps of Engineers will lead a rally in Washington D.C. They are expecting thousands of people to show up. The White House has not released a comment yet. A federal judge in Washington will weigh the requests of the Cheyenne River Sioxx and the Standing Rock. They are hoping that the judge will stop the construction of the last part of the Dakota Access pipeline.


The reason that the Native American tribes are against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline is because it will pass under Lake Oahe. This is a large river in Missouri. The pipeline will threaten religious rights, sacred sites and water supply. The judge is expected to make his ruling at the end of the week.


Dallas Goldtooth is an organizer who works for the Indigenous Environmental Network. He has stated that the right against the Dakota Access Pipeline has been at the top of the their priority list. He also stated that they are calling on Donald Trump and the United States to protect the rights of indigenous cultures.


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