There are many Native Americans setting up camp to protest the construction of the Trans-Pecos oil pipeline in the state of Texas. The protesters claim that they will be using the same protesting methods that were used at Standing Rock.


During the Standing Rock protest, Native Americans intervened with the construction equipment directly. Some even chained themselves to equipment to halt all operation.


The Standing Rock tribe was very encouraged when Barack Obama had denied the permit for the Dakota Access pipeline. The are lingering fears the future pipelines will not be stopped when Donald Trump officially becomes president.


The protesters had started to gather at The Two Rivers camp near Marfa. They have a Facebook page to post news and to encourage others to join in with the protest group. Dozens of additional protesters have gathered since promoting their cause.


The protest going on right now has close ties to the Standing Rock group. They plan on organizing spiritual and non-violent protests. They will also take direct actions against the company, but in a non-violent manner.


The Trans-Pecos pipeline is currently estimated to be 90% complete already. Vicki Granado from the ETP has said that underground pipelines such as this is a very safe and convenient transportation method.


The US department of justice had ordered delays against the completion of the pipline last year. Barack Obama and his administration has shown to be firmly against these pipelines. There are also other environmentally dangerous projects that are facing scrutiny in other parts of the country.


Native Americans in New Mexico have been urging for stricter oil fracking regulations. Pipline projects quickly withdrew from the state after they had felt unwelcome.


The Trans-Pecos Pipeline is designed to transport 1.4 billion cubic feet per day of natural gas. The pipeline is a partnership with the Comisión Federal de Electricidad of Mexico.


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