Many people do not think of the important role that Native Americans have played in the United States military when they consider their contributions to the country. However, there can be no question that they have played a valuable role in every war they have participated in. The most heralded group of Native American military participants are the “Code Talkers” who were a vital asset in communications during World War II. There was recently a ceremony held at the White House to honor the brave Native American men and women who have fought and died for this country in various military conflicts over the years. President Trump praised the service of these people during the ceremony.

More than 44,000 Native Americans took part in the second World War. Many people have complained that they were rarely in positions of power in the military. Nonetheless, their contributions were crucial to the victorious war effort. The media has done a good job reporting about the contributions of Native Americans in the military in recent years. This was largely ignored for decades by the mainstream media. The Internet has also allowed people to find out about Native Americans who served this country proudly in the military. There are now a wide variety of websites which chronicle the stories of various Native Americans and talk about their contributions in great detail.

The United States owes a huge debt of gratitude to Native Americans who have served with honor and given their lives to preserve our freedom.

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