The Metropolitan Museum of Art is undergoing a major shift in its display of Native American artwork. Native American pieces are currently lumped together with pieces from Africa and Oceania. Meanwhile, “American” art is kept separate. The American wing of the MET contains colonial art and more modern works of art by American master artists.

In the fall of 2018, Native American art will be moved and displayed with the colonial and other American art in the American wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This is where it rightly belongs. Yes, it is indigenous art, but it is also American art.

The move was made after many patrons from abroad had complained that the indigenous art from America was grouped in an entirely separate section from the rest of American art. In most other countries, indigenous art is found together with the more modern art of a country. This way, people can see the evolution of indigenous art all the way to the classical and contemporary masterpieces that we have today.

Another good move for Native American culture and art is that a benefactor has donated a significant collection of Native American art to be displayed for the new exhibits in the American wing. This will further help highlight the incredible works of art and culture that the indigenous Native Americans have. It will also share their story.

My thoughts on this are the following. I believe this is the right move and that patrons to the museum will like it. It makes sense chronologically and helps tell the story not only of our country but the indigenous people and culture that was present here.

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