Former White House intern, Monica Lewinsky praised Jay-Z’s candidness about his past infidelities. In an op-ed article in Vanity Fair, Monica said Jay-Z had a choice to ignore the accusations after he was publicly called on by his wife, Beyoncé in her Lemonade video album. He would have chosen to look past the allegations, like many men would, on his next album and still receive praises from his fans.

Monica continued to say that Jay-Z had the option of ignoring the whole issue, but he instead chose the path to open up. Since the allegations, the two have shared much publicly, including celebrating the birth of their twins. But instead of assuming all wounds were healed, Jay-Z took a brave move to accept his fault and help everyone move forward.

Victim of an Affair

It can be remembered that Monica is infamous for her affair with the former president Bill Clinton. But unlike Jay-Z bill denied the affair in front of a jury in a separate lawsuit accusing him of sexual harassment against Paula Jones. His denial was perceived as obstruction of justice and consequently saw him impeached.

Monica further said it is appositive move to see that male icon accepting vulnerability at a time when Washington is filled with the elite who still embraced the outdated caricature of manhood. Monica noted that it was encouraging it was to see men who can inherently express their emotions despite the prying eyes of the society.

Funny enough, Monica also commented on Beyonce’s album “Lemonade” where she corrected some lyrics in the “Partition” song. The lyrics read “He ripped my blouse/He Monica Lewinsky-ed all on my gown.” Monica went ahead and said if the song was about verbing, then it should have read, “Bill Clinton-ed all on my gown,” instead of “Monica Lewinsky-ed.”

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