Austin, Texas native Marc Sparks is a very inspirational figure. An entrepreneur, businessman, mentor and philanthropist, Sparks is a serial entrepreneur that has been a principal in at least 65 businesses. Now a multimillionaire, Marc Sparks was barely able to maintain a ‘C’ average when he graduated high school. He never attended college, yet Sparks was able to acquire the skills necessary to conceptualize, create and run many successful companies. He is living proof you don’t have to be a brilliant student to have a bright future.


After 34 exciting years as an entrepreneur, Marc Sparks has decided to document his journey from struggling ‘C’ student to multimillionaire businessman. He recently published a book called ‘They Can’t Eat You‘. In it he not only talks about the many obstacles he has had to overcome, but also the lessons he has learned throughout his business career. The book is designed to help others learn from his experiences. It includes kernels of wisdom that have helped Sparks to become successful. Marc Sparks explained that the book is designed to inspire entrepreneurs and give them the confidence that they too can build a profitable business.


One of the things that becomes clear by reading the book is Marc Sparks unshakable faith in God. To him the challenges and difficult circumstances he faced were God’s way of keeping him humble and teaching him about responsibility. Marc Sparks doesn’t see himself as being special. He says it’s only through the grace of God that he has been able to be successful. People that know Sparks say his incredible work ethic and can-do attitude also played significant roles in his achievements. Marc Sparks is also passionate about building businesses and his enthusiasm and positive attitude are important building blocks in his career.


Since early in his business career Mar Sparks has been committed to helping the less fortunate. He started in the 1980s by supporting a Dallas area homeless shelter called the Samaritan House. Today the program provides food, clothing, shelter, health services, job skills and employment opportunities for hundreds of people every day. Sparks also builds houses with Habitat for Humanity, supports the American Can! high school magnet program, provides computers and educational supplies for at-risk inner-city youth through his Sparky’s Kids foundation and gives generously to countless social and religious organizations.


Marc Sparks also helps entrepreneurs through his financial services company Timber Creek Capital. Learn more:

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