Marc Sparks is a time-proven businessman whose heart is sold out to helping upcoming entrepreneurs. Marc graduated from campus in 1975, and he has been in charge of businesses since then. Some of them have performed excellently, while others ended up flopping. It is through such experiences that Sparks gained so much savvy and confidence. He looks back at his entrepreneurial journey of thirty-four years where he has harnessed kernels of wisdom, and all he can do is give back to the society. I like it that Marc is a staunch believer in God, and He attributes his increasingly tremendous success to Him. Having earned a C+, not many would have thought that Sparks would eventually mint millions of dollars through sales. Surely it is by God’s grace.

Marc Spark’s Big Heart

Apparently Marc’s profession and calling incline towards launching businesses. His hard work resonates strongly within him, pushing him to do that which he believes he was created for, startups! Following his kindheartedness, Sparks plays a crucial role in encouraging others and nurturing upcoming talents. One way through which he imparts the world is through authoring. He has written books where he expresses his mind through paper so that the whole world can relate to his entrepreneurial journey and benefit. He writes the book “They Can’t Eat You,” where he addresses all his unfortunate experiences in business and hopes that the world will pick sufficient details to help them avoid mistakes he made.

Marc’s New Program Focusing on Assisting Entrepreneurs

Marc USA is one is one of Pittsburgh’s largest marketing agencies. Recently, they announced their launching of a new program. The primary purpose of the program is to offer a platform where upcoming businesspersons will interact with advertising professionals at the front-end of starting a business from scratch. The training sessions are scheduled to always take three hours of intensive engagement between the said parties. During that time, they are to evaluate cognitive strategies that will guide the entrepreneurs in maximizing on their probability of success. Results derived from similar programs in other regions show that effective communication and great advertising when done early in the business can enhance the attraction of the best customers, investors, and even employees.

We Have to Grab This and Run With It

When setbacks hit your business, you must have a sound way of responding to the calamity. Marc has been at a point where he experienced absolute disasters, and he did not despair. According to him, these setbacks are from God because He wants to teach people how to remain responsible. If everything is to come on a silver platter, then one might reach a point and disregard the position of God in their lives. The perception you have about challenges plays a significant role in determining where you settle eventually. Learn more:


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