Have you always wanted to rock one-of-a-kind hair colors and say, “Unicorn hair, don’t care?” Well, we have good news for you. Lime Crime has recently released a new line of products that will make your hair dreams come true.

LimeCrime introduces darker shades of the Unicorn Hair. These include Chestnut, Squid, Charcoal, and Sea Witch. They range from deep red hues, grayish blacks and even deep purple colors you’d never imagine existing for a hair product. The best part is these new dyes are meant for the darker haired girls who want to sport unique and fabulous locks.

Unicorn Hair Chestnut is perfect for fall colors. You can pair this hair color with autumn themed clothes such as burgundy sweaters, deep orange scarves, and maroon plaid shirts.

Squid is the dye that resembles–you name it: the ink of a squid. A glamorous squid for that matter, of course. It has a blackish-purple tint to it as well. You can use rock this hair color when you sport that ‘rebel chick’ look. Think black leather jackets, high cut boots, and your favorite jeans.

Charcoal is best imagined as the grayish black hue. What’s so special about this color is that when your hair is hit by light, it gives off beautiful gray hue that resembles highlights. This is definitely more noticeable compared to plain black dyes found in most stores. This is perfect for naturally dark haired ladies who want to give their black locks some TLC.

One the most unique colors we can find in the Unicorn Hair collection is the Sea Witch. It gives off that deep blue green color, like the sea witch characters we see in the movies. Now, being a sea witch isn’t only for your imagination. Amazing, isn’t it?

Aside from offering unique hair color variations. LimeCrime guarantees that their products are 100% vegan and 100% cruelty-free. This is a deal which we don’t usually get from hair products as most of commercially bought ones contain potentially harmful chemicals. LimeCrime derives their ingredients from top quality plant extracts and safe substances.

To visit their shop or more information about their products, you can go to Lime Crime official website.

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