Jason Halpern has recently announced that his company, JMH Development, has completed construction of its Aloft South Beach hotel resort. The hotel is located in Miami Beach and has been specifically designed to attract people who are interested in being situated right in the heart of the action.


Aloft South Beach is somewhat unique among hotels in the area in that it is actually a remodeling of an older hotel, known as the Motel Ankara. This historic site was remodeled into the Aloft South Beach hotel through a joint venture between JMH Development and Madden Real Estate Ventures. Despite being recently completed and opened for use by the general public, Aloft South Beach remains the newest constructed hotel in the area in over five years.


In addition to its prime location along the beach, Aloft South Beach also boasts access to Lake Pancoast, as well as the Collins Canal. For those interested in other activities around the city, Aloft South Beach also happens to be relatively close to the Bass Museum of Art.


The success of Aloft South Beach should come as no surprise to anyone with knowledge of JMH Development or Jason Halpern. As a real estate development company, JMH Development has decades worth of experience in the industry, which has translated into a reputation for both innovation and efficiency. In fact, some of JMH Development’s work has received awards and recognition from within the industry, including their 2011 award for adaptive reuse of buildings in Brooklyn. If their success with Aloft South Beach is any indication, it’s clear that Jason Halpern will only continue to have a positive effect on the industry as he continues to seek out new ways of innovating and developing land.


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