Jason Halpern, a real estate developer, took over the family business in 2010. The business is called JMH Development. Before the late 1990s, it was known as Halpern Enterprises in which his late father found. Jason Halpern, age 45, started his career in real estate at Halpern Enterprises, and he has a teenage son.


JMH Development currently has an invested $500 million in a multitude of real estate projects in New York and Miami. These consist of commercial and residential properties. This “boutique development firm”, as referred by Halpern, has also been partnering with a plethora of big developers for these projects.

From strategy and due diligence to building and site design in all the development process stages, JMH Development’s professional team are well trained in all aspects of the construction and development process ranging across residential, mixed used property, and hospitality segments. They are committed in delivering the most enduring and the most superior properties by combining deep development skills, unique knowledge of the marketplace, and valuable onsite expertise. Also, their historic preservation philosophy is apparent through its focus on historic properties’ restoration and adaptive reused projects.


New York Real Estate Projects

One of these New York projects includes turning a warehouse into a 340 luxury apartment building on 184 Kent. Another project they have is the Townhouses of Cobble Hill in which nine luxury townhouses are added to greater Brooklyn. Another project in New York includes developing condos from the former Williamsburg’s Wild Turkey bourbon warehouse. With this project, Halpern worked with the Rockpoint Group and Kushner Companies. In 2010, this former warehouse was converted into a rental building consisting of 338 units. Also, the most recent New York project includes JMH partnering with Madison Estates to purchase the Brooklyn Heights Cinema. This building is being developed into luxury condos. While this is developing now, JMH Development is in pursuit of developing a hotel in the Long Island area.

Miami Real Estate Projects


With the Miami projects, this firm just developed the 200-plus room Aloft South Beach with Mitchell Hochberg’s Madden Real Estate Ventures. And lastly, Halpern is working on many other projects in that city.


Jason Halpern and his firm is committed in creating innovative and new commercial and residential properties throughout New York State and Miami Beach. They are the ultimate pioneer in developing the most well positioned and unique properties in these desirable market locations. And with using an innovative approach in creating distinctive properties of luxury, they are a full service and leading real estate development company as an owner or developer in major US commercial and residential properties.


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