International expansion will allow Securus Technologies to remain one of the largest growing network provides in the industry on a global scale. They set out an initiative to expand their business and have done a great job by partnering with Building International Communications (BICIS). They are proud partners of a larger network of eleven sister companies that train IT professionals in communication and safety. Their top priority is serving the growing demand of inmate calls. PRN News has announced that they will continue to provide the highest standard of customer service excellency in inmates calls withe the merger.

Securus is no stranger to partnership with a recent merger with video giant Vimeo joining their team and JPay Services. They know that a partnership will allow their company to provide extended features that will save them time and a commute to a correctional facility. Securus is responsible for processing billions of inmates calls and are required by the Public Utility Commission to monitor, investigate, and protect the general public. Securus secures your inmate calls and makes them affordable for inmates and their families. You can become a member with a hassle free registration process available on the Securus Technologies website.

Securus Technologies Features

They have been proudly serving the community for over 30 years and provides services that include video chat, inmate voicemail, prepaid services, and more. Securus functions on a daily basis as one of the leading network providers in the industry. They are committed to bringing inmates and their families calling features and services over a secure network. Join Securus Technologies for more details today.

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