An investor without proper counsel is an unlikely winner in today’s tantrum-throwing financial markets. Despite many countries’ economy underperforming, or forecasting unpredictable patterns, Igor Cornelsen still triumphs. With infinite intelligence on foreign exchange trades, commodities, and capital markets, he’s a meticulous consultant. As an erudite Brazilian investor, Mr. Cornelsen served many banking industry elites. Now retired, he often supports inexperienced, seasoned investors and companies that need direction. Cornelsen assumes a pivotal role consulting with the Bahamian investment agency, Bainbridge Group Inc. It’s a position he considered following retirement in 2010. He’s particularly optimistic about long-term investment opportunities and maximizing returns.


Cornelsen realized his fascination with investments early in his career. He employed smart strategies that generated significantly higher profits for clients. At the time, damaged or declining stocks were a hit. These investments required cheaper capital and wealthier returns when stocks finally recovered. In addition, He’s consulted for many US companies, including global restaurant giant, Burger King. With the success he’s reached managing damaged stocks, many emerging investors are emulating this technique. As a regular contributor to US media publications like CNN iReport and, Igor Cornelsen shares unbiased opinions and tips to help guide investors.


Lately, Brazil’s fickle economic climate has deterred many investors wanting a stake in the market. However, they’re developing interests and learning strategies to capitalize on potential investment opportunities with Igor Cornelsen. When investing in Brazil, it’s crucial to recognize its competitors and key players such as BTG Pactual, Citibank Brazil, Banco Bradesco, Santander, HSBC, etc. Additionally, Cornelsen encourages aspiring investors to develop intelligence on the nation’s principal trading partners as well. For example, China and Brazil share similar economies as trading partners. As a former banking sector executive and board director, Cornelsen knows how Brazilian markets operate. In fact, he has developed a keen understanding of trades and industries across the region.




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