Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that gained notoriety for its vivid array of colors. As a company based in the United States, it was first launched as an online retailer. Since its inception, it has gained a steady following of people located around the world. To better serve their clients, the team behind this innovative line of cosmetics decided to launch a new branch in China. As with all countries, China had their own set of regulations in place for the selling of cosmetics, which was viewed as a challenge by the company’s Global General Manager, Kim Walls.

One of the aspects of the guidelines set forth by China was their regulation for safety. They have a mandate in place that clearly states all cosmetics sold within the country need to be tested on animals. This is a direct contradiction to the fact that the lines of Lime Crime cosmetics are sold as vegan products with no animal testing involved. It appeared as though the only way the company could get around that mandate would be to ship their products from the United States.

The challenge of launching a new branch in China became complicated by the regulation through which the Chinese government would only waive the animal testing if products were shipped from the U.S. This practice would be subject to additional taxes and duties their customers would have to pay in order to receive their items. It also opened up an avenue for stolen and counterfeited merchandise. Fortunately, the perseverance of Kim Walls led to an alternative solution that benefited the company as well as its customers.

LimeCrime was able to launch its new branch in China through a partnership created with an e-commerce brand known as Revolve. As it happened, this fashion company was interested in expanding into the field of beauty, just when the cosmetic company needed an approved method of gaining access to its customer base in China. The cosmetic company also worked with influential individuals and encouraged their loyal fans to visit their partner’s website to help increase their visibility for the launch in China.

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