Making A Name For Himself
When Justin Brown decided he wanted to break into the world of modeling he didn’t choose just one area to focus on. He created an empire involved in just about everything. Runway modelling, modelling for commercials, and even acting. This sort of venture comes natural to a man as established as Brown. He regularly socializes with some of the biggest movers and shakers in business, entertainment, and fashion after all. Justin Brown has truly left a mark with the Brown Agency for some time to come.

Blazing His Own Trail
Born in Reno, Nevada but raised in Susanville, California Justin Brown has a long and storied career in the modeling industry of California. Moving from firm to firm he developed a firm understanding of what success in modeling looked like and built his firm around it. If the smashing success of the Brown Agency is anything it proves that experience rubbed off on him.

The Breadth Of The Modeling
The first thing that sticks about the Brown Agency is the wide array of choices for aspiring models. Fashion, commercial, and theatrical modeling are all covered by the Brown Agency. A model can do some print work one day and spend the next day on a commercial for the latest lipstick brand. Usually most agencies will only cover just one specialty but Justin Brown has a much wider vision. He understands the ambitions of his clients and he wants to help them reach them. Most models are interested in going beyond runways and into something bigger and better. The experiences the Brown Agency offers them act as the perfect foot in the door.

There’s Always A Reason To Celebrate
Celebrations are a frequent occurrence at the Brown Agency. An example of these festivities is the recent celebration over the opening of the Austin chapter of the Brown Agency. With the help of 7 of his most trusted friends Browns manages more than 450 models at the Austin agency. Despite the relatively small staff the management runs smoothly. The work these models will participate in involves everything from the hottest clothing brands to tech companies like Dell. Magazines and commercials across the world will show their faces and expose them to the limelight. Each and every model has the chance to break out as a star on their own thanks to Brown.

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