YouTube Vlogger and social media blogger Kim Dao is widely known for her informational video vlogs about Japanese beauty, hair care and body care products. She also has an extensive collection of blogs and vlogs featuring various travel destinations from all across the globe. She recently created a vlog that features her top ten favorite Japanese hair care products. Kim Dao explains how her favorite hair oil is Oshimatsubaki camella hair care oil. This is Japans number one hair care oil and is available in nearly every drug store in the region. This hair care oil comes in a beautiful small bottle. Kim Dao recommends finding it cheaper at drug stores then big box stores. It can be used for the hair, to remove make up or on the body to help dry spots. Comb into the ends of your hair and blows dry it or let it air dry. It can be used daily until dry hair is healed. It can also be used as a hair mask. You apply it right away when you get into the shower and let it rest for a few minutes. Shampoo and wash out as you normally would. This will nearly cure a dry and itchy scalp and it helps fight static frizzies. Kim often puts a small amount into her hair just to make it feel smooth throughout the day. Many of Kim Dao’s fans frequently ask her what type of curling iron she uses because she has absolutely beautiful and perfectly sculpted curls. Kim’s favorite curling iron is by Lumielina. More of Kim’s favorite products can be viewed here.

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