The C.E.O of Learn to Trade, Greg Secker, lets us know that he is not your conventional person by stating that his philosophy as a person is not to ask “Why” but he asks “Why Not.” Greg always believed in saying yes and going forth as he figured them out step by step. Just like the Flying Trader initiative he started, he did it as he wanted to trade as he flew high above Canary Wharf. While Greg was in University studying Food Science and Agriculture, he was selling and making computers at the same time. Through this, he learned to code programs that were older and eventually led to him making a 3D model that was interactive, which represented the fluid dynamics of a follicle. When he attended a job fair, he met with someone who was a big fan of computers at the Thomas Cook Finance stand who then invited him for an interview and welcomed him to work in currency trade to build a Virtual Trading Desk.

As Greg worked on the Virtual Trading Desk, he got drawn into the world of Forex Exchange Trade. Considering he was doing the coding for the project, he got to understand the strategies and how the business worked and realized the profits that were being made on trades, which triggered his interest in being part of it. After borrowing a sum of £5,000, he managed to make it into £60,000 within a year, and Greg realized the principles required to succeed and one having an approach that is risk managed. The moment he got a good enough amount, he left the business and started going to seminars and decided to do the same for the Forex Exchange industry. Therefore, in 2003, he began talking in seminars and has now spoken around 6,000 times sharing the knowledge and passion.

Greg founded the Greg Secker Foundation to empower the youth, providing them with skills that can positively impact their lives and help them secure their financial future. They started the Youth Leadership Summit which brought in professionals who spoke to the youth on wealth, relationships, health, leadership, and entrepreneurship. They have launched a similar campaign in South Africa, and the next site shall be Australia.

Greg has been named the Ambassador for City Philanthropy allowing him to shape, inform and direct City dwellers on the ongoing causes in the UK and to get more investors to participate in philanthropy.

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