One of the common issues with people is that they live life from a gross misconception. One misconception is that they have to do something that they don’t enjoy in order to be successful. The culture of only a few years ago has often drilled it into people that in order to be able to support themselves, they have to do work that makes them suffer. At best the work that they do has to make them feel bored. In other words, the best thing to do is find some kind of way to feel dissatisfied with life. Fortunately, Greg Secker did not buy into that.

Among the things that Greg Secker has done for his career was become a Forex trader. For people that discover it, Forex trading is actually one of the most exciting ways to earn money. One exciting thing about Forex is that it has an unlimited earning potential. Greg Secker has taken advantage of the earning potential and has made a fortune. Afterwards, he has retired and then sought out something that he can do in order to bring meaning into his life in a way that he hasn’t done before.

He has decided that with the money he has made and continues to make that he can start up a foundation that is meant to come to the aide of people who are suffering. Among the activities he gets involved in is helping those who have had their lives destroyed because of storms and catastrophes. One of the most recent activities Greg Secker has become involved in is the funding of Iloilo project. This helps the people who have lost their homes by building new homes so that they can have their lives back and grow from the natural disaster they have survived. One thing Greg Secker has is compassion and understanding.

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