Glen Wakeman has an extensive business background with a considerable amount of experience in international endeavors which have carried him around the globe. His latest venture came about as he noticed a high failure rate among early-stage entrepreneurs who were unable to develop viable ideas successfully (People.equillar). The company that he founded and currently serves as their CEO is called LaunchPad Holdings and they provide a software program that helps users organize their ideas into a workable plan.

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The goal of the software is simplicity and ease of use to make building a plan more attainable to those with excellent ideas. This lack of structure around innovative ideas is the driving reason that Wakeman developed the product. He hopes to change the failure rate statistics and improve the world by helping great business ideas come to light in the markets.

Glen Wakeman’s business career spans two decades and he an array of experience in different areas that include providing vital guidance for startups, mergers & acquisitions, developing new market opportunities, and divestitures. He has engaged in mentoring to develop talented executives and he writes frequently about business, emerging markets, and innovation.

The international mindset that Wakeman has cultivated has resulted from his time spent living and working in six different countries and he’s traveled to much more. He has overseen business operations in 30 different regions throughout his career and has a fine grasp of business developments worldwide.

Ideas and innovation are two areas that Glen Wakeman excels in and he nurtures his ideas by explaining them to other business figures. This helps him articulate and polish his thoughts which helps him develop an outline for the concept. It forces him to spend time so that his ideas are fully vetted within his mind and he’s able to defend them as others query and probe for weaknesses.

Glen Wakeman has been extensively educated for business and this includes his dual degrees from the University of Scranton where he received credentials in Economics and Finance ( He received an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago in 1993. Wakeman served successfully with GE Capital.


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