The marketing industry branched out into different fields during the last decade. With the introduction of the internet, new and better forms of marketing emerged. One of those is the customer review system, and this kind of approach is proven to be effective. Many businesses in the United States have focused on the customer review system, and they are actually encouraging their customers to give them an online review. One of them is Fabletics, which has started investing in customer review system. According to them, people tend to be more honest when they leave a comment about a particular product or service, and it helps businesses in improving their flaws or identifying their strengths.



Established by Kate Hudson in 2013, Fabletics can still be considered as a new comer in the retailing industry. They have an online website where customers can purchase their products, as well as partnerships with giant retail websites with the likes of eBay and Amazon in order to sell their products. Fabletics is still growing, and one of their primary weapons was the partnership with Amazon. The online retail giant is reported to be controlling more than 20% of the online fashion market. This has helped Fabletics sell their garments, and it resulted to their revenue growing up to $250 million. On the company’s website, customers can subscribe to their newsletter in order to receive updates about their latest products. Fabletics have been receiving praises and positive feedbacks from their customers because of how user friendly and simple their website is. They are also selling high quality clothes that can be compared to other high end brands, but with a lower price. Upon discovering the existence of Fabletics, people started to flock to their website and order as much as they can. The rapid growth of their customers can be attributed to the word of mouth marketing scheme. Old customers who have nice experiences with Fabletics often write positive feedbacks online. These feedbacks are being read by potential customers and first time shoppers. Because of the positive feedback that they have seen, they will be more than willing to spend their money on products made by Fabletics.



This system is coined as the power of the crowd, and Fabletics is benefiting greatly from it. They wanted authentic reviews, so they just let their customers write whatever they want on reviewing websites. People nowadays, based on a recent research, actually trust those who are writing their own reviews online. A huge percentage of potential buyers consider those who have written the review as someone they know, so the impact would be great. Because of how viral information being posted online has been, companies and businesses are also being extra careful when dealing with customers. Just one wrong move and their business can fade away in the horizon. Good thing for Fabletics, the good reviews that they have been receiving reflects the kind of product that they are selling the public. Fabletics can see a brighter future ahead with the expansion of the use of reviews among companies. They had taken the advantage because of the awards that they received in the past, and promises that they will be introducing more innovations in the future.

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