Various tribes of Native Americans have specific cuisines that you may not know about. But defining these cuisines specifically has been a challenge for some. The reason that this has been a challenge is mostly because the native ways of making food and the specific recipes that natives used to use were never written down.


In true Native American fashion, these recipes were passed down from generation to generation orally. As what is today the United States became inhabited by white from England, France and Spain, Native Americans soon started eating what their new friends were trading, and whether they liked it or not, their entire cuisines changed.


Uncovering the Cuisines of Native Americans


Today, several Native American cooks and chefs are trying to uncover the ancient cooking ways of their ancestors. And it’s not just a job that can be done in a few days or a few weeks or months.


Much of the work has to do with uncovering ancient artifacts and studying them. For example, some of the foods that Native Americans used to eat can be understood by some of the tools that we have today from their dig sites. In a similar manner, we have many more written accounts from travelers, soldiers and explorers in the British and French armies. They can shed some light on what Native Americans were eating long ago as well since the Native Americans themselves hardly ever recorded anything.


Finally, these chefs and cooks can go to current Native American tribe members who may have received some of the recipes that their families used to make orally. The work is hard, but for the cultural history of the Native Americans, it is well worth it.


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