Dick and Betsy DeVos have attracted criticism despite their noble giving acts. The couple is known for charitable as well as political giving. Albeit people do not complain about the charitable contributions made by the couple, these contributions amount to more than the political contributions, which attract all the criticism.

Dick and Betsy DeVos are life changers. They do not like to leave things the way they found them. Consequently, any time they notice problems, they are ready to give to better the situation. Case in point, the couple says that they noticed a loophole in the education system; consequently, most of their contributions are directed towards education where they feel the American dream is suppressed. According to the couple, the students who are located in the wrong zip codes end up not attaining the American dream. To change the situation, Dick and Betsy DeVos give towards change. Additionally, they feel that the traditional one-fit-for-all public schools suppress the desires and aspirations of many students. As a result, the couple gives to the vouchers and charter schools, which are run by companies that easily, effect changes. In 2015, the family gave $3 million in education-related fields and granted the education reform groups $357, 000; this formed close to 27% of all their contributions.

Betsy’s nomination to a political position raised the scrutiny of the family’s philanthropic giving. Nevertheless, their giving is borrowed from their family lines, as Rich and Edgar, who are Dick and Betsy’s fathers’ respectively, were political and charity givers. Rich DeVos gave $104 million in 2015 and was ranked 24th on Forbes list of most philanthropic families. Edgar who was an industrialist in Holland was also listed among the highest givers in his country. One concludes that Dicks and Betsy’s giving are inherited more than manipulation related, as critics may want to posit.

Dick Devo the Change Maker

When Dick took over the leadership of Army Corp the family business, he caused many reforms in his state. First of all, since 1993 when he became the cooperate CEO of Army Corp; he contributed toward the formation of Grand Action which was a group of business leaders. The above displayed his ability to be a team player and unite people towards the attainment of goals. The Grand Action Group made many developments such as the construction of the Van Andel Arena, the DeVos Performance Hall, the DeVos Place Convention Center, and the Michigan State University Medical School. All these changed the skyline of the region, something that the Dick DeVos-led Grand Action group is credited for to the present day. Other than that, Dick and Betsy also make efforts trying to change policies and institutions. Many times, they are successful because they are mega-donors.



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