The Cleveland Indians have been using the Chief Wahoo logo they are known with since 1947. The outdated caricature character of an Indian chief was judged out as inappropriate and outdated. In the 2019 season, the logo will no longer be used by the team.

Besides the logo being old, the main reason for the change is the complaints from the Native American communities which feel that the caricature is an offense to their culture.

The debate for the logo has been going on for years, but it is only this year that Paul Dolan, the owner of the Indians, and the MLB agreed on removing the chief logo from their uniforms.

Native American tribes have been increasingly offended over the stereotyping of their culture with various names and brands. Many teams and brands have changed their names and logos because of this and avoided any further association with indigenous people or culture.

Major sports teams like the Washington Redskins and the Chicago Blackhawks are also criticized for their trademark logos.

Small groups of protesting indigenous people usually gather outside important games of these teams despite the wrath of the crowds of fans. Others have turned their pleas to the courts to outlaw Native American connotations in the teams.

The Cleveland Indians will stop using the logo on their uniforms, but they will not quit on the trademark, and their logo will still be on team merchandise. The Native Americans are still going to fight as they want both the logo and the team name changed.

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