May people are familiar with food from different parts of the world. For example, who hasn’t enjoyed Mexican or Italian food? In fact, it is exceedingly common to find restaurants dedicated to serving a certain ethic food. However, did you ever think about a type of ethnic cuisine that has been left out? For example, have you ever seen a Native American themed restaurant or cookbook? Many people haven’t. Thankfully, a chef named Sean Sherman is starting to change that.


Sherman recently hosted a reporter in North Dakota. Here, Sherman braised rabbit with spruce tips. He also placed chaga, a fungus found on birch trees, in warm hazelnut milk. These are recipes from Native Americans who lived in the American Midwest. To many people, this might seem surprising. For example, many people mistakenly believed Native American food consists of fried dough. However, Sherman explains that type of cuisine came about after Native Americans were relocated to reservations. Here, lard and flour were plentiful, and the Native Americans adapted their cuisine to fit their new food supply.


It has taken Sherman a considerable amount of effort to track down ancient recipes. He has used a mixture of oral recipes from the elderly and texts about Native American farming habits that were written over a hundred years ago. The results have been rewarding. For example, many people who embrace Paleo diets are excited about Sherman’s work. Also, Native Americans are excited to showcase their native recipes. In fact, Sherman hopes to open up a restaurant at some point that exclusively serves the Native American cuisine he is diligently trying to replicate. Hopefully, diners and historians everywhere will be pleased.



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