Companies in the US and around the world are opening up to the possibilities available when they open themselves up to diverse view points. The worldwide exchange of ideas and information has provided many avenues for IT professionals to explore. IT professionals are not limited by the “status quo” or the mindset that this is the way we’ve always done things.

John Goullet, Principal of Diversant LLC had a vision in 1994 to start his own IT staffing company called Info Technologies. His work at Info Technologies was very rewarding as he gained experience in the information technology field and learned more about how to customize the customer’s experience. He understood that companies had unique needs in regards to technological and operational tasks.

When John met with the owner of Diversant Inc, Gene Waddy in 2009, he was looking to expand his outreach to a more diverse clientele. Gene’s passion for serving that diverse population and the many innovative solutions his workforce had come up with prodded him to combine forces with him in 2010. The new company would be called Diversant LLC.

Creating opportunities for IT professionals would be one way to serve the communities that needed those services badly. Another way would be to create and build a pipeline of IT experts that could fill in when needed to support a client. Making the connections and forming the business partnerships instead of just providing IT support services is the main difference between Diversant LLC and other IT staffing agencies.

By providing an open atmosphere of collaboration and support, Diversant LLC has garnered the title of top African owned IT staffing firm in the country. IT professionals who are looking for work find support and challenges they won’t find elsewhere.

Everyone at Diversant LLC celebrates diversity because it is through the exchange of ideas and the encouragement of innovative solutions that businesses grow. Emphasizing the diverse and creative ideas also fosters new opportunities for everyone in the community. It also helps drive new trends in information technology and supports everyone in the workplace.

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