The Pine Ridge Oglala Sioux reservation is among the oldest and largest in the entire country. Established in the 1870s, the reservation has a storied past and formed a crucial part of U.S. history. Once home to some of the greatest names of the Old West, such as Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, today, the [ Read On… ]

In April of this year, the Nebraska Liquor Control Board finally did what lawmakers, politicians and sheriffs had been threatening to do since 1880, they revoked the beer sales licenses of the four liquor stores in Whiteclay, Nebraska, effectively ending the ability of Natives from the nearby Pine Ridge Oglala Sioux reservation to easily access [ Read On… ]

The Pine Ridge Oglala Sioux Reservation was established in the 1870s. At that time, the Oglala were a formidable people, ruling over the Northern Plains region in ways that modern Americans would find almost impossible to comprehend.   In stark contrast to the modern portrayal of Plains Indians as downtrodden victims of racism or other [ Read On… ]

The Oglala Sioux have long been plagued by the problems of alcoholism. The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, in South Dakota, has the highest rates of alcoholism and fetal alcohol syndrome anywhere in the county. It has been estimated that 60 percent of the reservation’s population are full-blown alcoholics.   The Liquor Control Board of the [ Read On… ]

For over a century, the Pine Ridge Oglala Sioux Reservation, located in the southwestern corner of South Dakota, has been completely dry. Even in the 1870s, when the reservation was established, it was widely recognized that the local Native population struggled with alcoholism. Today, the Native residents of the Pine Ridge reservation have the highest [ Read On… ]

The Pine Ridge Oglala Sioux Indian Reservation is among the poorest locations in the United States. The reservation has suffered from disproportionate social ills since its establishment in 1868. It suffers an unemployment rate of over 80 percent and has the highest rate of fetal alcohol syndrome in the country, estimated to be as high [ Read On… ]