In a controversial move, the Nevada State Liquor Control Board voted unanimously in April of this year to revoke the liquor licenses of the four stores of Whiteclay, Nebraska. This marks the first time in nearly a century and a half that the town will be unable to sell alcohol, its sole industry since its [ Read On… ]

Terry Robbins is the sheriff of Sheridan County, Nebraska. He oversees a vast area, being responsible for one of the largest counties in the country. The county only has a population density of 2.2 people per square mile, making it one of the least densely populated places in America. This presents some unique law enforcement [ Read On… ]

The Pine Ridge Lakota Sioux Indian reservation is one of the largest of its kind in the United States. Formed from the harsh landscape of Southern South Dakota, it has served as the ancestral home of the Lakota people for millennia. The area has been home to such famous figures and heroes of the Sioux [ Read On… ]

For almost 150 years, the town of Whiteclay, Nebraska has been the primary source of alcohol for the residents of the Pine Ridge Lakota Sioux Reservation. The reservation has been dry, completely banning the sale of alcohol, since its establishment in the 1870s. The town of Whiteclay quickly sprang up, just a few miles south [ Read On… ]

Long a source of controversy for groups ranging from Native activists to church groups, Whiteclay, Nebraska has finally had its sole industry shuttered. The town had long served as the primary source of alcohol for the residents of the nearby Pine Ridge Lakota Sioux reservation. The entire reservation has banned alcohol sales since the 19th [ Read On… ]

The portrayal of Native Americans in film and television during former eras generated considerable controversy. Many critics complained past Hollywood productions often tended to rely heavily upon stereotypes. Recently, actors and actresses of Native American ancestry have begun to achieve wider popular recognition and, to some extent perhaps, fewer typecast roles.   Actor Pierce Brosnan, [ Read On… ]

The Nebraska Liquor Control Board has recently voted unanimously to end the 130 year reign of Whiteclay, Nebraska as the go-to watering hole for the residents of the dry Pine Ridge Oglala Sioux reservation. The town has long served as a means by which the reservation’s residents, many of whom have historically struggled with alcoholism, [ Read On… ]

The Nebraska State Liquor Control Board recently voted unanimously to revoke the licenses of all four of Whiteclay, Nebraska’s liquor stores. Whiteclay has long been a point of contention for activists and legislators, who have been increasingly appalled by the rampant drunkenness, street fights and other lawless behavior that has plagued the town since its [ Read On… ]

In a recent vote, the Nebraska State Liquor Board decided to revoke the licenses of the four liquor stores that comprise the sole occupants of the town of Whiteclay, Nebraska. The town, located just 250 yards from the dry Pine Ridge Indian reservation, has had, in its 130 years of existence, just one purpose: the [ Read On… ]

The Nebraska Liquor Control Board recently voted to revoke the licenses of all liquor stores operating in the town of Whiteclay, Nebraska. The tiny enclave, with a population of just 12, has long been a lightning rod of complaints and activism for its role in supplying the nearby Pine Ridge Oglala Sioux reservation with beer. [ Read On… ]