Recently, United Nation representative Victoria Tauli-Corpuz made critical statements on how the United States government’s use of excessive force on Standing Rock activists reflects the country’s continued mistreatment of Native people. In her statement, Tauli-Corpuz claims that the government is robbing Native people of their entitlement to tribal lands based on the drive for acquisition [ Read On… ]

According to a report in the Duluth News Tribune, the number of Native American students who are successfully graduating in Duluth, MN is rising. The article interviewed a young man from the Chippewa tribe who was accepted to a welding program in the local community college. He tells the newspaper that his diploma brings a [ Read On… ]

Native American students attending San Diego State University are seeking to change the school’s mascot and replace it with a culturally appropriate symbol. According to a report by Allyson Myers of student newspaper the Daily Aztec, the Native American Student Alliance hosted a discussion in February about the current mascot, an Aztec warrior, which they [ Read On… ]

Most Americans never really stop to think what exactly makes somebody a Native American. Most people believe you simply need to have a parent who is a Native American. This isn’t the case. At least, that is what some people are quickly learning in Washington State.   To find an example, you don’t have to [ Read On… ]

According to a March 2017 article in the Native Youth Magazine, whether we consider the Pilgrim’s landing at Plymouth Rock or those who landed at Jamestown, Virginia, 507 years ago as America’s first settlers, these immigrants were greeted by Native Americans. Today it is estimated that their once 100 percent population status has dwindled to [ Read On… ]

Individuals who were protesting the Dakota Access pipeline and looking to protect the water in Lake Oahe in North Dakota recently won a significant victory. The Department of the Army announced, after several protests against the pipeline, that the final easement for the project would not be granted.   However, the Native American tribes in [ Read On… ]

With great interest, I just read a current online article that is about two oil pipeline-related memorandums that President Trump signed this week.   Due to the orders being signed by the president, work can now resume on the Dakota Access Pipeline project in North Dakota. The Keystone XL pipeline project from Alberta, Canada to [ Read On… ]

Opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline (“DAPL”), many of them Sioux, promised to continue their efforts to halt the project. Several protesters spoke with members of the media in the wake of Trump Administration efforts to “expedite” the construction of a massive oil and natural gas line near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. Chairman Dave [ Read On… ]

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council urged Dakota Access Pipeline protesters, also called water protectors, to stand down. After securing international attention and pressuring the Army Corps. of Engineers to suspend the pipeline easement until a full environmental review takes place, the tribe is calling on protesters to go home despite their acknowledgement that the [ Read On… ]