There, There is a novel that highlights and explores the struggles of modern-day Native Americans through a wide array of unique individuals (twelve, to be exact), each with problems and missions of their own. Tommy Orange, the author, sought to reflect many of the mixed thoughts and feelings he had growing up, in his writing, [ Read On… ]

Cleveland has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Oklahoma City has the Cowboy Hall of Fame and Nashville has the Country Music Hall of Fame — and now Native Americans will have a hall of fame of their own.   The idea was the brainchild of James Parker Shield, a member of the Little [ Read On… ]

Currently, there are two Native American men serving in Congress. Both are from the state of Oklahoma. However, there are no Native American women in Congress. Senator Warren of Massachusetts claims to be of Native American descent, but she is not officially a Native American tribal member. Several Native American women will be on the [ Read On… ]

San Francisco has one of the highest Native American populations per capita in the United States. It’s also among the most culturally diverse cities in the nation. But indigenous people here are the only group without a formal cultural center in the city. A previous cultural center was destroyed by fire in the 1960s. Native [ Read On… ]

A record number of Native American candidates are running for Congress this year. While almost two dozen men of indigenous origin have held seats in Congress, there has never been a female Native American elected to the House or Senate. There is a good chance that will change this November. Deb Haaland of New Mexico [ Read On… ]

Near San Francisco City Hall, there is a group of statues that are part of what is known as the Pioneer Monument. These statues are intended to depict scenes from the early period of California history. There will now be one statue removed from the display. “Early Days” is the name of the statue that [ Read On… ]

As part of the bicentennial celebrations in the state of Illinois, the Dickson Mounds Museum has created a display of information that highlights the way in which Native Americans in Illinois and the Midwest developed agriculture in the region. The history of Native Americans in that region is traced back 12,000 years. From between 12,000 [ Read On… ]

The Comanche Nation has been considering substantial changes in the written constitution of their tribe. A recent referendum has proposed three amendments to the tribal constitution. The first would require that important decisions be considered by the tribe at large instead of the tribal council. The second amendment would impose restrictions on those who seek [ Read On… ]