Individuals who were protesting the Dakota Access pipeline and looking to protect the water in Lake Oahe in North Dakota recently won a significant victory. The Department of the Army announced, after several protests against the pipeline, that the final easement for the project would not be granted.   However, the Native American tribes in [ Read On… ]

With great interest, I just read a current online article that is about two oil pipeline-related memorandums that President Trump signed this week.   Due to the orders being signed by the president, work can now resume on the Dakota Access Pipeline project in North Dakota. The Keystone XL pipeline project from Alberta, Canada to [ Read On… ]

The Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council urged Dakota Access Pipeline protesters, also called water protectors, to stand down. After securing international attention and pressuring the Army Corps. of Engineers to suspend the pipeline easement until a full environmental review takes place, the tribe is calling on protesters to go home despite their acknowledgement that the [ Read On… ]

The Pequot people are a Native American tribe with an impressive history. During the Pequot War of 1637, British soldiers massacred many of them at a place called Mistick Fort. However, the Pequot people ultimately became one of the richest tribes in America through shrewd casino operations in Connecticut. The passage of time has cut [ Read On… ]

In 1996, 9,000 year old remains were found along the shore of the Columbia River in Kennewich, Washington. The remains were located on land belonging to the Army Corps. of Engineers who transferred the remains to scientists for investigation. Once anthropologists recognized the remains’ age, they aimed to determine its origins. Local tribes, the Yakama, [ Read On… ]

Native American living north of the Mexico border have been making steady gains in their population since the devastation of their numbers after first contact with European white settlers. However, a new trend is causing concern among Native cultural observers, and it involves the twin forces of urbanization and assimilation. It’s at once a simple [ Read On… ]

With the improvement of health care on many Native American reservations, many tribes are experiencing a surge in birth rates. An already straining housing system makes this situation even more difficult. The Northern Arapaho is one of the tribes who have been affected by the limited living spaces.   The Northern Arapaho, along with many [ Read On… ]