The Pine Ridge Oglala Sioux reservation is among the oldest and largest in the entire country. Established in the 1870s, the reservation has a storied past and formed a crucial part of U.S. history. Once home to some of the greatest names of the Old West, such as Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse, today, the [ Read On… ]

In April of this year, the Nebraska Liquor Control Board finally did what lawmakers, politicians and sheriffs had been threatening to do since 1880, they revoked the beer sales licenses of the four liquor stores in Whiteclay, Nebraska, effectively ending the ability of Natives from the nearby Pine Ridge Oglala Sioux reservation to easily access [ Read On… ]

The Pine Ridge Oglala Sioux Reservation was established in the 1870s. At that time, the Oglala were a formidable people, ruling over the Northern Plains region in ways that modern Americans would find almost impossible to comprehend.   In stark contrast to the modern portrayal of Plains Indians as downtrodden victims of racism or other [ Read On… ]

AMC’s “The Son” finished its freshman season on Saturday, June 10, 2017, by doing what it does best: Showing the similarities and differences in cultural norms of different groups and the stereotyped ideas that people had and continue to have about Native Americans. As noted by actors in the series, AMC has gone out of [ Read On… ]

The Pine Ridge Indian reservation is the birthplace of some of the most impressive folklore in Native American history. Home to some of the Lakota Sioux’s greatest heroes, such as Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull, the Pine Ridge reservation has played perhaps a more important role than any other reservation of its kind in shaping [ Read On… ]

When most people think about Native Americans in the United States and the cultural issues and controversies that they have faced, they think about American sports teams and colleges and universities and the Native American mascots that often represent them. In addition, it’s easy to jump right to considering those specific difficulties that many Native [ Read On… ]

The Cleveland Indians will play in the World Series in 2016. This is the first time the team has made it this close to the championship in 19 years. This is no small accomplishment. However, some of that accomplishment will be overshadowed by a controversy regarding the logo for the Cleveland Indians. Named Chief Wahoo, many [ Read On… ]