Recently, United Nation representative Victoria Tauli-Corpuz made critical statements on how the United States government’s use of excessive force on Standing Rock activists reflects the country’s continued mistreatment of Native people. In her statement, Tauli-Corpuz claims that the government is robbing Native people of their entitlement to tribal lands based on the drive for acquisition [ Read On… ]

Most Americans never really stop to think what exactly makes somebody a Native American. Most people believe you simply need to have a parent who is a Native American. This isn’t the case. At least, that is what some people are quickly learning in Washington State.   To find an example, you don’t have to [ Read On… ]

According to a March 2017 article in the Native Youth Magazine, whether we consider the Pilgrim’s landing at Plymouth Rock or those who landed at Jamestown, Virginia, 507 years ago as America’s first settlers, these immigrants were greeted by Native Americans. Today it is estimated that their once 100 percent population status has dwindled to [ Read On… ]

Opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline (“DAPL”), many of them Sioux, promised to continue their efforts to halt the project. Several protesters spoke with members of the media in the wake of Trump Administration efforts to “expedite” the construction of a massive oil and natural gas line near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. Chairman Dave [ Read On… ]

It has been about a decade since North Dakota was impacted by an oil drilling boom that resulted in thousands of jobs for Americans dealing with high unemployment rates. Dozens of oil wells and drilling projects emerged on the outer edges of tribal reservations; however, the initial growth has slowed down considerably due to restrictions [ Read On… ]

Before the arrival of Europeans, Native Americans in California had developed a highly unique diet based on what was locally abundant and available to them – from seaweed and salmon, to more exotic fare, such as peppermint balls and roasted barnacles.   Today Native Americans have been working hard to reclaim, rediscover and teach the [ Read On… ]

Diabetes is fairly common in Native Americans. In fact, it is estimated that 16 percent of Native Americans suffer from diabetes. Only nine percent of the general population has diabetes.   Kidney failure is one of the most common complications of diabetes. Fortunately, kidney failure is declining among Native Americans. According to the Center for [ Read On… ]

Concern over the lack of proper representation of minorities in the American media has brought attention to one group that has for decades been unable to escape stereotyping on the large and small screens, the Native American. However, this image may finally be changing, thanks largely to some new participants in the industry and changes [ Read On… ]

The Obamas may not be out of office for less than a week, but they have already come out against some of the proposals of President Trump. Although Malia Obama is getting ready for an important internship, she took time out of her busy schedule to join a rally to protest Trump’s plans to revive [ Read On… ]

Sherman Alexie, author of The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, has announced that the movie adaptation will feature a Native American star.   Alexie made headlines with Indian back in 2007; not only was it one of the few books that year that featured a Native American protagonist, but since Alexie grew up [ Read On… ]