The Securities and Exchange Commission currently offer various privileges to its whistleblowers due to the helpful information that they provide. The provision of this rights is made possible by the SEC whistleblower protection program. This plan was established in 2010 when the Congress passed two major legislations that transformed the finance industry, and they are [ Read On… ]

The Midas Legacy, based in Florida, is a company that specializes in research and the development of plans that are ideal to earn their clients success and stability. Among people the company has been working with include investors who are after ideas that can improve their skills at managing wealth and making decisions. They also [ Read On… ]

A recently issued press release describes New Zealand as a tax haven. However, based on features of a tax haven, New Zealand does not qualify as one. The media coverage purports that New Zealand is somehow a tax haven due to its sophisticated banking sector and wealthy people. The 2002 OECD Tax Model maintains that [ Read On… ]