The energy situation in the world is dismal and full of controversies. There are innovation and technology that address some of the biggest problems in energy, but not all are ready to embrace them. It’s also not a good thing that many people debate what form of the power source is most sustainable. Talos Energy [ Read On… ]

Opening up of markets is a wonderful thing, especially if it is in the petroleum or the oil and natural gas business. Mexico, a country with large on shore as well as off shore reserves, turned it into a state run enterprise back in 1938. Like most government run projects it eventually ran into trouble. [ Read On… ]

After investing massive sums of money and soaking in the information from numerous world economic summit talks, such as those held in Davos, Switzerland, philanthropist, Jacob Lief thought he would have made huge impact upon the lives of impoverished South Africans whom he desperately wanted to help, but nothing of the sort was happening. He [ Read On… ]