With great interest, I just read a current online article that is about two oil pipeline-related memorandums that President Trump signed this week.   Due to the orders being signed by the president, work can now resume on the Dakota Access Pipeline project in North Dakota. The Keystone XL pipeline project from Alberta, Canada to [ Read On… ]

Opponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline (“DAPL”), many of them Sioux, promised to continue their efforts to halt the project. Several protesters spoke with members of the media in the wake of Trump Administration efforts to “expedite” the construction of a massive oil and natural gas line near the Standing Rock Indian Reservation. Chairman Dave [ Read On… ]

It has been about a decade since North Dakota was impacted by an oil drilling boom that resulted in thousands of jobs for Americans dealing with high unemployment rates. Dozens of oil wells and drilling projects emerged on the outer edges of tribal reservations; however, the initial growth has slowed down considerably due to restrictions [ Read On… ]

The Dakota Access Pipeline, a controversial project that has drawn the ire of the Standing Rock Sioux and Native American tribes across the nation, has a powerful new opponent: former Vice President Al Gore.   The project aims to connect the shale oil being developed in the Bakken Formation in North and South Dakota to [ Read On… ]