In American, many people are familiar with Native Americans. However, this familiarity isn’t always flattering. For example, many people use offensive stereotypes of Native Americans in movies and television shows. Also, many people think of Native Americans as token characters in American historical events, such as the first Thanksgiving. However, did you know there is a country where this type of thinking isn’t the case? Do you know what country it is? It’s Canada!

One easy example of this is how Canadian reporters repeatedly write stories about Native Americas. For example, one prominent story involved the controversy of Canada maintaining statues that celebrate people who harmed Native American culture. Additionally, media stories that appear in the Canadian media are not always about the troubles befalling Native American communities. For example, one recent article discussed how the culture of Native Americans is being worked into the classes at universities.

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has also made it a priority to address issues relating to Native Americans. For example, he has drawn attention to the suicide rates, unsafe drinking water, and unsafe housing problems many Native Americans face. He has also drawn attention to the high incarceration rate of Native Americans in Canada.

Obviously, America can change. People can take the time to learn more about Native American culture. Understandably, this can seem daunting. Many people covering Native American culture in the past are seen by modern eyes as either racist or patronizing. Thankfully, we do not need to repeat this past.

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