Technology has changed the way many things are done in the world today. With many technology innovations over the past decade that have transformed the way people go about their daily lives, technology has helped to change the world into a digital world. At the center of the digital world is the internet. The internet has allowed many new things to be done that were not possible only a few decades ago. People can now go on the internet to do a wide range of tasks that were once thought impossible.


The internet has made a huge impact in all areas. However, one of the areas where the internet has changed the entire landscape of what is done is the media industry. The media industry today is much different than the industry was in prior generations. Today there are multiple options for delivering news, entertainment, sports, and other interest to the viewing public.


One of the media viewing options that has a growing niche market is podcast. The sheer number of podcasts are increasing at an amazing rate. People tune in to podcasts of all types. The flexibility of the podcast medium allows companies to bring a wide range of interesting podcasts to the general public. As the podcast medium has grown, several companies have come to the forefront. One of the companies that is becoming one of the largest and most well known of the podcast companies is PodcastOne.


Recently the company announced that it will be airing a new show, Beyond The Darkness. The show will be ran Mondays on the Chris Jericho network, which is a network under the PodcastOne network. Beyond The Darkness will be a show that has guests who will discuss topics such as angels, demons, and ghosts. The show will air on the podcast app,, and iTunes.


PodcastOne has a team of outstanding leaders. The chairman of the company is Norman Pattiz. Recognized throughout the media industry as a media giant, Norman Pattiz has accomplished a lot during his professional career. He is the founder of the immensely successful Westwood One that he guided to become the largest radio provider in the Broadcast industry.


Norman Pattiz has unique talents that allow him to make great business decisions and provide leadership that makes companies hugely successful. Norman Pattiz is in the National Radio Hall of Fame, and he has received other honors that demonstrate the impact he has made in the media industry.

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