If the name Shervin Pishevar doesn’t sound familiar, you probably don’t own stock in Uber, Didi, the Dollar Shave Club or Hyperloop One. Shervin Pishevar is an investment guru who has an uncanny knack for being in the right place at the right time when it comes to finding startups to fund. The company he co-founded, Investment company, has more than $600 million in assets under management, but Shervin parted ways with Investment company in December 2017. Most investors thought Shervin would keep a low profile after his exit from Investment company, but Pishevar isn’t the type of guy who can keep a low profile in the investment world.

The people who know Shervin Pishevar know he likes to help people invest, and his recent 50 successive tweet tirade proved that point. Mr. Pishevar had a lot to say about the bond market, globalization, cryptocurrencies, and other financial and economic topics. Shervin’s tweets are one man’s opinion, but Pishevar’s opinions carry a lot of weight in the financial sector of the economy, according to several news agencies. Shervin Pishevar is one of the people who shaped the startup revolution in Silicon Valley. But in one of his tweets, he claims Silicon Valley will lose its position as the startup capital of the world. He also let Bitcoin investors know the value of that cryptocurrency may sink to $2,000 a Bitcoin soon. And he didn’t let the chance to tell the world that the stock market is heading toward a 6,000-point adjustment soon.

Shervin Pishevar surprised some investors when he tweeted every asset class is overvalued right now. Pishevar believes inflation is rearing its ugly head, and unemployment numbers are on the way up. And giants like Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, and Facebook are making it hard for new startups to prosper.

Shervin Pishevar has a lot to say about the economic future, and people listen to him. Not all his tweets will become a reality, but investors know Pishevar has a handle on what’s happening in the world. And he’s not afraid to let people know he’s concerned about future investments.


Since 1992, Market America has continued an upward pace to change the way consumers receive exclusive and quality products through the online retail industry. When the company was founded by Chairman and CEO JR Ridinger, the industry was just beginning to learn about the exclusive type of online shopping that the company offers. After 25 years in the industry, consumers have helped the company reach more than $8 billion from online retail sales.

Market America customers are able to purchase directly from the company’s website, shop.com. The exclusive buying experience has provided an opportunity for many customers to purchase sought-after items that are not found among mainstream retailers. The relationship with customers has been a winning and successful experience on both sides.

The experience has now put Market America in the history books as the first two-time winner of the Torch Award for Ethics from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for shop.com. The company also won the same award in 2013. The Torch Award for Ethics is bestowed on a business that has shown a commitment to applying best practices for achieving day-to-day operations and showing a dedication to supporting its respective industry. The company already has an A+ rating with the BBB. “This is such an honor for us and just goes to show that when you do things the right way, people take notice,” said Ridinger.

The North Carolina BBB, which is also where the company has its headquarters, made the official announcement last month. However, the company will officially be honored in October, at the 2018 Torch Awards and Annual Meeting.

Market America has more than 20,000 worldwide Unfranchise Owners who conduct business on its behalf and have shown a commitment to providing excellence in serving the consumer. Kevin Hinterberger, President and CEO of the BBB branch serving North Carolina said, “We’re very fortunate to have an organization like Market America in our community…they do what’s right even when nobody’s looking.”

The recipient of the Torch Award for Ethics is selected by an independent panel of judges. The results of being selected twice clearly indicate that Market America is immensely trusted by consumers.


Adam is a Jew living in the US in California, having lived in Israel, and attended military training in early life in Israel and his studies in Israel. Both parents were Jews from different backgrounds who met in the US the mother from Mexico and the dad from Argentina who fought for the independence of Israel in 1948. Adam Milstein is compassionate about Israel issues thus contributing positively to the Jewish people both in Israel and around the world making Adam Milstein among the most influential Jews.

Jewish News Syndicate is an online news platform where you get the daily happenings of the affairs of Israel as a nation which gives the Jewish people and those concerned about Israel. With the most recent the transfer of the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Thus being an important platform to gather daily happenings in Israel. Thus an essential platform for those concerned with Israel affairs like Adam Milstein.

Adam argues that anti-Semitism is on the rise by the day and becoming more pronounced than before and has since been the riding issue for the radical Muslims who are targeting Israel for all the wrong reasons as the claim.

According to Adam Milstein, the radical left are against Israel as the claim that it is oppressing Muslims which is not so,

Those of idea of anti-Semitism are viewed as role models for standing against Jews and are celebrated across with those who share the same ideologies. This is so for learning institutions were Jews are targeted for all the wrong reasons just merely exposing that they are Jews and hence victimized this should be condemned in the strongest term possible according to Milstein.

When chance present itself all those with anti-Semitism even though with different views the will come together and rally for this common course which is against the Jew people of Israel as this has been the case in many instances.

Adam Milstein is of the idea that given a chance the radicals will wipe out the whole Israel nation as this is their goal of all time given a chance to do so and will continue to rally their course.